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THESE 3 BUDDHA QUOTES CAN CHANGE YOUR LIFE | Buddha teachings explained |

It happened [Music] The Puras ki Gautam Buddha SD Banaras I read the sutras by understanding which we can change their life in this video you will understand the date of the free sutras given by Lord Buddha Second sutras of Bujhala can change and whole perspective the first Suthra Is That We Shape By Our Thoughts With Them What Thing To Understand This Stotra Need To Understand That There Is Very Close Relationship Between Thoughts And Desires To Small Thoughts In Varma And Bhanot Of Some Desire Like Someone Having Sexual Desire Then Sexual Thoughts Will Keep Them Into His Mind And One Day You Will Definitely Indulge In Sexual Activity Similarly His Desire To Welcome Rich His Own Will Keep Thinking About Earning Money All The Time And He Will Do Delhi Jain Temples To Earn Money Waste Oil Will Have Two Wheeler And Desires And Raisinghnagar Mind Because His Mind Desire Will Be Our Thoughts And Asks Power Thoughts Of Soul Will Be Our Body Justified Till Section 17 Rise In Our Mind Then Our Life Will Move Towards Progress And Difficult Desires Arising In Government Can Understand Our Life Is Going To Vote Bunt out for frequent transform dies arising in never mind channel life can also be transformed that Dakshina sutra of but it is better to travel to write knowledge simple words this is that is more important complete the richest people in your life you see in the schools in His Life But He Didn't Understand What Is More Important Than The Gol-Gol 995 You Will Probably Not Be Able to Complete Your Journey and Reach Your Goal Times People Think What Do You Like The question is whether you have a happy new year in which you Don't Like You For Example Super Cup So No Morning And Exercise Also You Can Never Give Up Your Favorite Junk Food And Nutrition Suit Din How Will I Get Her Body If You Want A Good Health And You Have To Turn Your Dislikes Into Your Favorites You Can Utilize Into Your Favorite Only When You Start Enjoying At Only Can You Will Be Able To Achieve Your Goal That The Third Sutra Between Buddha Has Given To This World Is That Dhoy Aur On Se Wear Hindi Suthra Buddha Set Don't Wait For Someone To Come And Show You Path to Your Goal and You Can Keep Waiting for Someone to Come 20 Paintings in Your Life and Even IF Someone Comes to Your Goal and You Can Only Say Where One Can You Have to Walk on Flying and Others on Candidate In this regard Sure Pat Daawat will take you to your destination in the beginning even further we go to seek help of Master Alarm Alarm and Master Uddak Ramputra but when his form date dare not be capable of taking him to his ultimate goal of enlightenment then he decided to work With Aap Himself Alone That You See Now A Day People Look For A Good Father Will Take Dam To Destination For Holding A Rent Per Day For Get Into This Means That No One Will Come To Help You So You Have To Be And Don't Wait For Any One To Come But Start Working Towards A Girl With Yourself Alone I Can Understand This Tree Sutras Of Gautam Buddha And Applied In Our Life Naturally Our Life Can Improve And They Will Be Able To Change Our Life Is This Is Words On This Day Speech Thanks for Watching and Keep Smiling [Music] Kar Do Kar Do Kar Do

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