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When someone points a finger on your character | Buddha and characterless women story |

[Music] buddha was traveling from place to place once he decided to stop in a village for few days the people of the village were reaching to see him and listen to the sermons some people would go to him to ask solutions for their problems in a few days many people started coming to see buddha one day a woman came to him and said you look like a prince why did you renounce worldly pleasures in your youth buddha said i wanted to know the answers to three questions this body of ours is still young and attractive but one day it will be old then it will be and then eventually it will die i had to know the cause of old age sickness and death that's why i left my palace and took retirement the woman was very impressed to hear these words from gautam bhutta she invited buddha to her home for food buddha gladly accepted her invitation soon this news spread throughout the village after knowing this the villagers came with had a village to meet buddha they told buddha no to go to the woman's house because her character is not good buddha asked a village hat do you believe that the woman is character-less village had said yes i can take out that she is a woman of bad character she has physical relations with many men of this village so please don't go to her house buddha looked at him held right hand off village hand and asked him to clap village had replied how can i clap i cannot clap with one hand because you have held my other hand then with a sent if you cannot clap with one hand how can that woman be cracked or less unless men of this village are layers no woman can be cracked less without a man if the men of this village are not cracked or less then the woman is also not cracked or less hearing this all the men of the village were embarrassed then buddha said if we want to create a good society then we must first improve ourselves if we improve ourselves only then society will also change was ashamed to hear this and silently walk way from there if we see in the world around us we will find that it is very easy to blame others for the evils of society but we have to understand that society is made up of us people unless we improve ourselves how can we improve the society therefore if we want to improve the society then we will have to improve ourselves first only then we can make this world a better place for living this is words of wisdom stories thanks for watching and keep smiling [Music] you

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