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What to do when you fall short of your goal (motivational)

Success and failure is not in the volumes of money flowing into your life Success and failure is not dependent upon the recognition that you're finding in the world you're successful with life if you know how to walk with joy through hell [Applause] meltdown is not hell don't I know there is a certain amount of global warming involved but it's not as hot as hell not yet it's not bad at all it's very good I'm sure you can do with less food smaller house smaller car or walking is great you know walking is very good for health do you know some man who just became 100 years old in Coimbatore city I have not met the man I said in the newspaper just a month ago he became he his hundred hundredth birthday they asked him what is the source of your health and well-being because he's still strong and good he said I am a walk king you know he put a hyphen in walking and said I am a walking because every day I walk 100 i'm still walking so your failure could be extremely good for your well-being don't be against your own well-being you know said the Mao Kanji and walking Sure recipe for health [Applause] there is no such thing as failure failure is an idea because success is also a stupid idea your idea what is success and what is failure isn't it instead of trying to change the world change your idea isn't it easy if you just change your idea of success and failure everything is great, isn't it? if you were a beggar on the street today if you could walk into the restaurant [Music] eat a masala dosa and pay 10 rupees bill this would be the height the peak of your success isn't it so? so you've gotten trapped in social situations and it is not even your idea why am I crediting you with this it is somebody's idea of what is success, isn't it? Don't become a slave to somebody's idea at least have your own idea you have no idea of your own don't deceive yourself every idea every thought every emotion every value that you have is picked up from somewhere and it rules you from within it rules you from within your religion your society your culture has trained you to believe that this is it so first the first and foremost success is that you are not a slave to anybody's idea this is success whatever the situation of life you're alive means you're successful isn't it [Music] no [Music] let me see it if you're successful this is success you're alive you don't know the value of life you're crying about the share market [Music] you do not know the value of life because the damn graph is going up and down you want to die no no but I lost so much money there is no such thing these are all social things these are not existential things we created the society for our well-being not to take our lives yes [Music] you created your family your social structure and every other damn thing for your well-being not to take your life, isn't it? now every damn thing can take your life don't make things that you create things that human beings create larger than your life that is the basis of your suffering

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