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WHEN SOMEONE BREAK YOUR TRUST Remember these words of wisdom

[Music] Tu Bhi Trusted Is A Greater Compliment Than Being Love [Music] Time And When The Time Changes Gather Three Words I Love You And I Trust You [Music] Respect Honesty Is Unappreciated Trust And Loyalty Is Returned Trust It [Music] Learn To Trust The Journey And You Don't Understand It Some Times What You Never Wanted And Expected Turns Out To Be What You Need [Music] Love Is Nothing Without Action Trust Nothing Without Proof And Everything Without Change [Music] Everything [Music] All Of Your Life When You Fully Dress Sam Van Without Other Doubt You Finally Get Van Or You Results A Person For Life And These Lessons For Life [Music] Proof Dem Blind Everything Will Work Out In D And You Don't Need You Know You Just Have You Trust Dat It Will [Music] If You Succeed Cheating Sam Van Don't Think Dat The Person Is Fooled Release Dat The Person Duster Much More Give You Dessert Sometimes Trust Is The Hardest Thing You Do And The Closest Friends Can Become Enemies When They're Not Will Not Be Trusted [Music] Trust is the glue of life It is the most important thing in effective communication It is the fundamental principle that holes all relationships [Music] Trust Yourself You Deserve More Than You Think You Do Trust [Music] Keep Your Dreams Your ice on de face and believe tha your feet will carry you head trust isunt when actions meet never press your fer they don't know ur strength [music] self trust is de first secret of success trust making you stronger [music] sometimes you just have So Be Positive And Trust The Process Things You'll Never Know In Life [Music] Okay It's Made Time After It's Gone And Trust After It's Lost Trust Coming Trust Is Like A Paper [Music] On The Right Track [Music] Building Trust Meat Thinking About Trust in a Positive Way Patient Step Positive Don't Overdo Things Trust the Process Trust Your Abilities Trust Your Work Trust Yourself [Music]

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