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This Is The Biggest Sign That Someone Is Under Spiritual Attack

when you are under spiritual attack that's almost always a sign a strong sign that you're doing something right it means you're on the right side darkness is in opposition to light evil is in opposition to good fear is in opposition to Faith and likewise when you're a child of God when you're living and breathing for God you're in opposition to the devil so expect opposition now because you're living for Christ you will inevitably grow in him the more you mature the more you develop in your relationship with him the more the devil will realize that you are edging closer and closer to your calling and so this is one of the primary reasons you'll begin to experience spiritual warfare and people will often begin to react emotionally but God why is this happening I'm strong in my prayer life I'm not entertaining any kind of Habitual sin why is this happening and a lot of Christians will really get in a bother scratching their heads as to why they're under so many attacks but perhaps if you were to take a step back and discern discern that the devil is trying to throw hell in the kitchen sink your way all because he is in fact weary and Afraid about what you would achieve for God if if you realized that you were gifted if you realize that your knowledge and business can in fact be used to grow the church if you realize that your gift as a Pianist could lead so many people to Worship in a mighty way the devil is afraid of you realizing that you're not just a choir member in a small local church but you are in fact a vessel in God's Orchestra being used to usher in his presence to people who so desperately need it he's afraid of how much more you would be willing to do the things of God so he's going to fight you he's going to try and scare you he's going to try and distract you so that you never come to realize that the very thing that you love to do but see is insignificant is the very thing that will cause damage in his kingdom so I pray that God will open your eyes so that you can see the gifts inside you and make no mistake your gift will make room for you so I pray that God not only reveals the treasure talents and Gifts inside of you but I pray that you would use your gifts to God's glory I pray that you would not forget to thank the one who gave them to you and most importantly I pray that the enemy would not discourage you or make you think that there is no place for your gifts to be of service because that is not true God has definitely created you with a purpose if we are followers of Christ we don't have to be bound by fear because of his amazing love we are victorious we are more than conquerors we are children of God so what do we do with all this anxiety how do we deal with all this worry we've been carrying around the Bible gives us a simple answer pray about it the Bible says to make our request known to God because he cares for us he wants us to know that everything will be all right instead of despairing every moment of every day let's be people of prayer let's be people of Faith let's be known as people who rise above anxiety and trust that no matter what God is in control if you ever felt unqualified if you ever felt unworthy to be used by God then you're a good company with so many other Bible greats you see Moses felt unworthy to lead the people of Israel and when Paul set out to reach the Gentiles he counted all his religious accomplishments as rubbish the Bible makes it clear that it's not about our qualifications it's about God's power working through us understand that God qualifies the unqualified man looks at outward appearances but God looks upon the heart so today if you think God's grace is Out Of Reach if you think you'll never be qualified enough then this message is for you I would like to tell you today that the Lord God will take you as you are he'll take you with all your weaknesses he'll take you with all your flaws all your shortcomings and mistakes even at your lowest God will still take you as you are you see he doesn't call the qualified he qualifies the cold it doesn't matter how broken or damaged or messed up you are it doesn't matter what you've struggled with in the past or what you're going through right now God's power is made perfect in your weakness we can never measure up to God's standards but in his Mercy Jesus came to live the perfect life that we could not and he died so that we would have the joy of knowing the Lord forever so when the world says you're not good enough remember that while you were still a sinner Christ died for you God loves us just as he found us but thankfully he doesn't leave us there he promises to fill us with his holy spirit through him we can become something far greater than we could ever be on our own he has set us apart to accomplish great things in his kingdom he will transform and renew you he will mold you into a vessel he can use he is willing and ready to shower you with love and make you an instrument for his joy and so if you're feeling far from God run to him if you're feeling lost run to him if you're feeling hopeless run to him there are no conditions no strings detached he won't turn you away he won't turn his back on you you don't have to clean up your act before you come to him you don't have to look or dress a certain way you don't have to have every verse of scripture memorized and most importantly you don't have to know all the answers he's right there waiting with open arms ready to embrace his beloved Sons and Daughters the kingdom of God is made up of people just like you and me broken imperfect people who are saved by the grace of God see our Salvation is not dependent on us there is nothing we can do to earn God's favor it's all because of his unconditional love and so when we come to him ragged and weary he simply dusts us off and says welcome home when everyone else rejects you God Will Take You Just As You Are [Music]

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