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It’s Time for You to WIN BIG! | Success ADVICE From Oprah Winfrey, Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffet

let failure be your friend there are going to be times of course where you're going to win a lot a lot of things are going to go your way and it's wonderful to bask in that adulation and to feel proud of your successes but there are also going to be times the satisfaction that those moments bring nothing can compare to that those victories will feed you for years to come and help you stake a minute when your tank is sometimes empty winning is great it's fantastic i love it i love being number one i love winning but it's the times when things go wrong when you fall or fail that you're actually gone going to learn the most about yourself you know all those years on the oprah show 25 years we were the number one show for 25 years and that's because i lived with the intention to serve the audience the audience came first every show i would sit with the producers and say well i can't do that because i can't find the truth of myself in that show i have to have a thread of truth to be able to hold on to so i knew so well the audience i felt like i was the audience the audience was me and i felt so connected and then i ended that and started a new network and i flailed for a while and i was really upset with myself but i will tell you that when i was able to shift the paradigm to start to looking at wow what i have instead of what i don't have what i have instead of what i thought i'd lost i was able to begin to turn things around but it's those moments of being of uncertainty it's the moments where you know learning from the moments where things weren't going so great being able to get still to connect with that which i know is god the force the power greater than myself and to come back and realize that in order to move forward you move forward by taking the next right step you don't have to know everything to do you don't have to know all the steps to make just what is the next right move [Music] when we talk about living our quest i think that living my quest really if i look at on a daily basis it's finding my own voice it's finding your voice it's finding the song that only you can sing off-key or not it's finding your rhythm it's discovering what it feels like to walk in your shoes today it won't look like it looked 10 years ago living your quest is what can i do with my life so that my life becomes infectious to someone else living my quest looks like how do i make my fingerprint matter so big that it lives beyond my transition day living your quest is how can i forgive the perceivingly unforgivable so i can love the absolute lovable living your quest is how do i give myself a thousand second chances living my quest is is not some ambiguous untouchable experience living my quest means going back and healing the little girl in me so that the woman can be free it's going back and embracing the little boy in you so that the man can show up and give himself permission to cry when necessary living your quest is not something that you can't touch it's not something that requires a stage or lights or cameras living your quest is being completely content with who you are in the dark of the night so who you are in the middle of the day is all right living your quest is not holding yourself hostage to old decisions not holding yourself hostage to shame blame guilt regret and anger living your quest is about recognizing that every day i can be reborn to my possibility living your quest is about recognizing that you have brilliance in you and not being willing to dim your light one more day well i think you know i was very lucky kid i was inspired by invention and self-reliance from a number of different people and from you know even watching the apollo program as a little boy and i think when little kids get inspired you'd never know what might happen it's a big deal and everything about our society gets better over time i really do believe that i'm an optimist you know the myth of the good old days is usually just that a myth we have better medicine than we've ever had before everything you know all of that is invention it's people figuring out antibiotics let's figure people figuring out new kinds of biomedicines biotechnology it's things that have been figured out with the kind of communication that we have the freedom of speech we have now with the internet there's so many things that are getting better and a lot of that is powered by invention what keeps you so unbelievably grounded amid all your resounding success i i feel like success just makes you more of who you already were i feel like money and success just does that so it's like it holds a magnifying glass up to who you are people you know people always ask me that and i'm like i don't know who else to be i mean i am who i am so the money the success and um so i like to say if you were a jerk before you got really successful and a lot of money you you'd become a bigger jerk really and if you were insecure you'll become more insecure if you were nice you become nicer if you were generous you'll become more generous it's literally just a magnifying glass if you get to be 65 or 70 and later and and the people that you want to have love you actually do love you you're a success i've never seen anybody that reaches that age i mean i'm not talking about somebody that's in extreme poverty or pain or something but i've never seen anybody that if they have a lot of people that love them that is other than happy and i've seen some very very wealthy people that they give testimonial interest too and name schools after and everything nobody nobody loves them you know by far the best investment you can make is in yourself for example communication skills i tell the students that come that they're going to graduate schools and business and they're learning all these complicated formulas and all that if they just learn to communicate better both in writing and person they increase their value at least 50 percent if you can't communicate somebody who says you know it's like winking at a girl in the dark nothing happens you know basically and and you have to be able to get get both your ideas and uh that's relatively easy i did it myself with the dale carnegie of course some people wish i'd taken a shorter course now in terms of my talking later on but it it's just hugely important and you if you invest in yourself nobody can take it away from you what about life advice well life advice is uh you know the most important thing aside from the things i've talked about already is is really who you associate with you want to associate with people that are better than you are i mean basically you'll go in the direction of the people that you associate with and and you want to have the right heroes you want people if you want to emulate somebody you better pick very carefully who you want to emulate and obviously you can't pick your parents they're going to have an enormous influence on you but you don't get a choice on that but you get ch

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