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What To Do When Someone Betrays Your Trust | Sadhguru Answers

If you're stupid you can do whatever you want. You need to understand. Trust does not mean somebody has to behave the way you expect them to behave. Trust means whatever they do. It's all right with you. If you're come to SUCH a STATE Otherwise don't do such a big word as trust Trust means they must do what you expect them to do. This is a certain imprisonment. Your trust. Trust should empower people. Trust should not limit people isn't it? So your idea of trust is to hold them in the way you want them to be for you. Trust betrayal. This. That works. Don't get into all this nonsense. Just use your sense So this is the biggest mistake they have made. They always told you to be good. Once you're good you have all these expectations from everybody else. So first of all they told you God is good. God is compassion. God is love. God is so many things. Leave what other people have told you. Let's say you know nothing of this nonsense from anybody. You paid attention to creation. You looked at a flower carefully. One thing you can see is whatever created this is of tremendous intelligence isn't it? Not necessarily something as pleasant as a flower you pay attention to and let crawling around the way it's made. Incredible intelligence or no. But nobody told you God is intelligence. If they had told you God is intelligence we would have had a more sensible world.

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