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Should Parents Punish Their Children? | Sadhguru

there's nothing to correct a child teachers definitely need some correction [Music] somewhere you believe that creator has made a mistake and you want to fix it if the new children don't do it like you that means the world will change that's wonderful [Music] no no no but whoever told you that you could change them with punishment you don't have enough experience with children so first thing that you need to understand about a child is that there's nothing wrong with him maybe you are a little twisted out there's really nothing wrong with him that's how life is you twisted yourself to fit into your society he is not twisted himself he's just the way life should be you don't like it i want you to understand if you don't like the miniature version of yourself how should the world be bearing with a larger copy it is just that you are trying to educate them not because they need to be corrected education is not a correctional center education is simply nonsense that's necessary to live in this world okay yes if you just leave him in the forest anyway he will learn how to live but we not left enough for us he has to live in a god damn city so we have to teach him the ways [Applause] if everybody lived in nature there would be nothing much to teach he would learn anyway isn't it now you want him to live in unnatural conditions that you have created as adults so we have to do some tampering let's do it as gently as minimally as possible we can't help it we have to fit them into school we have to fit them into university we have to fit them into corporate world it's a different world i'm telling you it's not this world another world so because we have to fit them into another world not this world there's a problem they belong to this world you are an imported case or at least you act like one so all this trouble if you understand that there is so much to learn for you from a child rather than the child learning from you what the hell can you teach a child tell me about life you can teach them some textbook physics some textbook biology some textbook chemistry you don't have any first-hand experience of the physical forces in the existence only some nonsense that you read in the book it's necessary to pass an examination it's necessary to get a goddamn job but you are not putting him through correctional this should be understood how do i correct him who said he's wrong so if you think you must correct him somewhere you believe that creator has made a mistake and you want to fix it this is a horrific level of ego unfortunately too many teachers on the planet suffer from this they think creator has made a mis has made a mistake and they're going to fix it you're not fixing anything you're trying to pervert them to understand they are normal you're trying to pervert them you better understand this they're quite normal they're happy they're fine they're jumping around joyful you are trying to pervert them how to be number one what's being number one being number one one means you're sick in your head that's what it means being number one because if you want to be number one the rest of the world should be at your feet isn't it that's not home because there's only one damn number one if you want to be number one everybody else has to be beneath you this is not success this is sickness you're trying to teach your child this kind of sickness be number one everybody should be beneath you so don't believe that you have to correct the child there's nothing to correct the child child is fine it is just that she still doesn't know how to fit into society he's wild as life should be but the problem is he has to live in a society a wild human being they'll lock him up somewhere we don't want that to happen to him so we are trying to adjust him to the society we have created which we ourselves are not happy with are you 100 happy with the society in which you're living are you no but you're trying to fit your children into it perfect cogs who will fit and serve the society so at least you understand this is not some kind of a perfect game you know how to fix them you know how to take them you don't know anything you just teaching a few survival tricks for them so please go in front of your children and admit them admit to them that even i don't know how to be really let's together try to do something abc if you get to z find otherwise abcd is good [Applause] according to that intelligence if you exercise that intelligence to think and look and do things they will do something they may not do it like you and it'll be great if they don't do it like you the world will change isn't it if the new children don't do it like you that means the world will change that's wonderful so don't become a missionary teacher please nothing to correct your children teachers definitely need some correction for sure children need just inspiration not correction children just need inspiration they don't need any correction teachers for sure need correction mind you i'm saying all this though we're running schools and we have a whole circus of problems with the children but it's okay the problem is not because they are a problem the problem is because we are trying to fit them into something reasonably well so that we don't have to create a separate world for them whatever the kind of world we have they have to fit into it so we're making that effort otherwise there's nothing wrong with them [Music] you

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