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What Is the Essence of Every Human? | Eckhart Tolle Explains How We Are All Connected

so Consciousness to me is the emanation of God like the light of the sun which expresses itself as the universe the essence of every human is Immortal because the one life is beyond life and death it's Eternal it's only in this Dimension that time seems to be real so God expresses itself as you one of the challenges I faced when I first started reading your books and in the the experience I was going through at the time uh is something that everyone in here shares uh the experience of losing someone they love so a lot of things if you lose them you might even say your money a spiritualist might say well that's probably a good thing you you you'll be in a better place when you realize you don't need money but when you lose a child or a spouse um you know being present how how do you how does how do you be present with that and make everything okay cuz sometimes it's not okay and it will never be okay again but yes some people people might feel like their lives are over you I don't have that thing that I love yes how do you deal with that yes deep loss uh whether it's through somebody close to you who died or there also a sense of deep loss if a long a relationship like a marriage that lasted for a long time suddenly comes to an end that's also a kind of death and so there can be the emotions that then arise out of sadness you may find yourself periodically it comes in waves you periodically you you cry and the the the Deep emotion of sadness comes the important thing is to bring acceptance to what has happened at first it may be difficult the first thing you cannot accept the death or the loss but that's okay but what you can do is you can accept the emotions that you feel at this moment it's natur you do you don't feel oh I shouldn't be no you should it's this is natural so you you accept that you there's this deep sadness and that it comes in waves and you cry and then gradually you realize certain things that everything in this world is as the Buddhist say is it permanent if you if you live with a partner sooner or later he or she will leave you or you will leave him or her because one of you will die first so everything there's an impermanence build into everything in life nothing lasts forever and the sense perceived universe is is not as solid as it seems to be the structures are not as solid as they appear uh in if you live in a western country you get often get the impression that everything is there's a solidity to the external world if you go to other another country like India you realize that uh things are not as solid as they are in the even the buildings look a bit shaky and things are not as organized things don't work very well you see in many third world countries you see old and decra people in the street which in the west very rarely see because old people and sick people are in in buildings they are kept away they say they are looked after okay but you don't you don't get a real sense of the reality of life life in the west because old age and Madness and sickness I'm not saying they shouldn't be but the fact is people who are approaching death you rarely un unless they're close relatives and you visit them you don't see them in the third world this is everywhere around you so you are get more of a sense of the nature of the fleetingness of human life of every human life the uh also so this all these things that you have life insurance here and you think there a solid foundation to your existence it's not anything could happen any moment life insurance is an illusion it's fine it has a function on a practical level but really first of all it should be called Death Insurance because you can't it's about death it's not about life so but but if you called it death Insurance nobody want to buy it the so the there's a fleetingness to it so once you get a a sense of that uh first you come to a sense of acceptance of it and when it happens first you you you AC you accept the emotions that you feel and and then you may be able to accept that this has happened without too much of a imposing a narrative on it although you could depending on your beliefs because you may believe that they the essence of who they are has not died and in a way that is I would suggest the truth because the essence of a human being you can so see so clearly that if you look at a dead body you can see so clearly that that body was never the true being that was there the essence is gone of that human being and so some people can even feel that there that that person is still there the essence of that person is still there so I want to but I I'd like to be able to suggest that even without having any particular belief you can still come to an acceptance of the shortlived nature of all forms uh so that you do not the period of mourning after great loss is natural and should be allowed to happen but if you then can impose a narrative on that which is negative that can prolong the sadness that you feel for many many years or the anger that you feel about it you feel that it is unjust that this happened and so on which are all mental judgments uh and then it is normal for a period of sadness whether it lasts a few months or a year or two years and then you practice surrender and surrender is really the the the deeper acceptance surrender to the isness of Life there was there's a story of the Buddha a mother a mother came to the Buddha and said was it weeping because the child had died and was asking for advice the Buddha and the Buddha says okay I'll tell you what to do in this Village or town where you live go go from one house to another and ask them whether they have ever had a death in their family and then come back to me so she went from one house to another it took several days and then she came back to the Buddha and there was a relief because in every house that she came to she had heard they confirmed that yes they had also experienced people dying yes yes yes oh and see suddenly she was able to come to an acceptance to surrender but in that surrender there is a strange realization comes surrender means you're not judging this anymore as good or bad you just accept the isness of that in that I experienced it when my parents died both in the same year although they didn't even live together and didn't even live in the same country they were divorced many years ago but they both died within six months of each other so in that year I had the the two there was the death of my mother in the summer and the death of my dad in the fall so twice I sat with first my mom's dead body and then a few months later with my dad's dead body and I there were I there were tears I cried then they subsided then tears came again subside and I sat with a dead body and suddenly I could sense this deep peace underneath the sadness so there were both the sadness but with the surrender came also a deep peace uh and that peace was something feeling my own Essence but in feeling my own Essence in this and th

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