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What is Inner Engineering ? Sadhguru Answers

Right now, I hear there's only one phone in the United States is the iPhone. It's a good phone. But what we are forgetting is the I. The iPhone is all right. But the ‘I' is the most important thing. iPhone is just a little gadget produced by this larger gadget. This is the gadget, isn't it? All the other gadget this have been produced by this gadget. If you pay a little attention to this one, then outside technologies are not a barrier. Outside technologies are a boon that's been offered to us. But the boons that are being offered to us are turning into curses in people's lives simply because they have not taken care of this one. We have done a lot of engineering in the world outside, and because of this, we have a huge level of comfort and convenience in the world today. The kind of comfort and convenience that no other generation of people could have ever imagined, that level of comfort and convenience we have. Though we have this door, we are the most comfortable generation ever on the planet. We cannot claim that we are the most peaceful generation. We cannot claim we are the most joyful or loving generation on the planet, for sure. The world is engineered the way we want it. But are we engineered the way we want ourselves to be? But this is not been done because people have never paid attention to the mechanics of how a human being functions. And to engineer that the way we want it. So these are technologies for well-being. Everybody wants health, peace, blissful ness. But these are simple things. Why these things are not happening is we have never paid attention to the inner mechanism of what a human being is to pay attention to that. And to create it the way we want it. This is in engineering.

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