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WHENEVER YOU FEEL SAD JUST LISTEN TO THIS STORY | Short motivational story of Raven |

[Music] this story is for those people who are not satisfied with their life and consider others to be happier than them to understand the story watch till the end once upon a time a raven was very unhappy with his life one day he started crying while sitting on a branch of a tree a monk was sitting under the tree just then a drop of the revenge tear fell on the monk's cheek the monk raised his head and saw that a raven was crying the mom cast him what's the matter my friend why are you crying the raven said oh wise one i am very upset with my life no one loves me people shoot me away in disgrace no one gives me anything to eat everyone hates me death is better than such a life hearing the raven's word monk's heart was filled with compassion he said to the raven my friend we should learn to be happy in whatever condition we are in but the raven did not understand the wisdom of tama and kept on crying then the monk said don't be upset tell me what do you want to be i can make you that with my mantra raven became happy and said oh blessed one if you want to do me a favor then please make me swan the monk said ok i will make you swan but first go to swan and ask him whether he is happy with his life or not you go and find out till then i wait for you here raven happily flew away to meet swan he saw his one swimming in a pond he went to swan and said how beautiful you are you are as white as milk everyone loves you you must be the happiest bird in the world swan said to the riven with a sad heart no my friend i am not happy there are so many beautiful colors in the world but i don't have any color white is a nothing color i think parrot must be the happiest bird in the world he is so colourful hearing this the raven flew away from there and reached the parrot he said to parrot oh parrot you are so colourful and beautiful you must be the happiest bird in the world the parrot said to the raven with sad heart no my friend i am not happy you see people keep parrots in cage i am always afraid that someone may hold me and lock me in a cage i think peacock is the happiest bird in this world he is also much more colorful than me hearing this the raven flew around looking for a peacock after searching for a long time he finally got peacock which was in a cage in a zoo he saw that hundreds of people had gathered to see him after the people left the raven approached the peacock and said dear peacock you are so beautiful every day thousands of people come to see you and look at me when people see me they immediately show me away i think you must be the happiest bird on the planet the peacock replied sadly he said i always thought that i was the most beautiful and happiest bird on the planet but because of my beauty i am entrapped in this zoo when people pluck my colorful feathers to make decorative things it hurts me a lot the peacock took a deep's eye and said i am not happy my friend the raven was surprised to hear this from the peacock he asked him if you are not happy then whom do you think is the happiest bird in the world the peacock said i have examined the zoo very carefully and i have realized that you the raven are the only bird not kept in the cage people don't try to catch you and entrap you in the cages so for the past few days i have been thinking that if i were even i could happily roam everywhere and i would be free hearing this the raven flew away from there and today for the first time he was feeling happy to be a raven he came back to the siege and said oh wise one i don't want to be anything i am fine but i am if we see in our lives we will find that this is our problem too we make unnecessary comparison with others and then become sad and curse ourselves we don't value what we have and this all leads to vicious cycles of unhappiness you should learn to be happy in what you have instead of looking at what you don't have there will always be someone who will have more or less than you have if you keep comparing yourself to others you will never be able to be happy a person who is satisfied with what he or she has is the happiest person in the world this is words of wisdom inspiration stories thanks for watching and always keep smiling [Music]

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