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[Music] once upon a time lord buddha was going from one village to another village with his disciples there was a very deserted area on the way on the way they found many pits dug at many places curiously the disciples asked the buddha lord why are these beats dug at many places who would have done this buddha smiled answered these beats must have been made by someone who was passing through this road and surely he must have been thirsty and in search of water he dug so many beads and after getting frustrated because of not getting water he kept doing bits one after another if he had patiently dug a pit at one place he surely would have got water but he would dig a bit at one place and after finding no water he would start digging another pit and because of this neither he got water and so much of his hard work also went in way [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that often unsuccessful people do this mistake in their lives when they do not get success they keep changing their field again and again due to lack of patience if you want to achieve success in your life then you should always work patiently in one field and in one direction if you do not work patiently in one field and keep changing your field again and again then you will not get success then you will also keep digging bit one after another like that person who was looking for water whether you are a student you are a businessman or you are into a job it is very important to have your focus in one direction only and along with focus you must have patience to reach your destination because if you will not have patience then you will soon lose courage and change your direction so if you want to be successful in your life then always remember these two things in your life one is your focus should be in one direction and in one field and second is you should have patience to reach your destination if you have these two qualities then one day no one can stop you from becoming successful [Music] you

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