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[Music] once upon a time it was a summer holidays thinking to spend some time in peace father made plan with his son to go to mountains after packing things both set out for picnic when they were walking through mountains boys suddenly fell and a loud voice came out of his mouth oh just after this he heard a repeating voice came from the mountains oh boy was surprised to listen to that and asked who's there the voice he heard backwards who's there boy cried out curiously who is it voice came back who is it now boy got angry ann shouted reply covered he heard same thing back reply covered he got angry and shouted you covered he heard same reply you covered just at that time his father came closer boy asked his father about it his father smiled and then he shouted loudly you are a winner they heard back you are a winner boy got happy but he still could not understand what happened then his father explained to boy how his own voice came back after hitting mountains and said it is eco my son whatever you say will be repeated after hitting mountains [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that it is same in our life too whatever we receive is simply reflection of our action what we speak what we think we get back our future is also like this wise what we do will get back to us tomorrow if you keep respect for others you will get same thing back if you think in your mind that you are a coward and you cannot do anything then you will become like that but if you think you are brave and you are a winner then you will become like that therefore always think positive about yourself because whatever you think you will become exactly like that [Music] [Music] you

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