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Lisa Nichols’s Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless | One of The Most Eye Opening Videos Ever

i was hungry like i was hungry people often want to call me the exception like oh my god you're the exception no i'm not the exception i'm an average ordinary woman who chose every day to make one more extraordinary decision i'm an average ordinary mom who said i want to drastically transform my son's future that he deserves to have every option that every other child would have irregardless of what he was born into i just was crazy enough to believe that that it doesn't matter the color of my skin doesn't matter my religious background doesn't matter my origin it doesn't matter my mom's bank account my dad's been kind when i was born none of that means my future that's just the circumstance that i came from that's not what defines my future i just believed that not a lot validated it but faith is believing in the unseen anyway so i had enough faith to go i know like i know like i know like i know i don't necessarily have to see it yet there's so much value in what you unlearn sometimes the best thing you can do is unlearn some things we're all always going after learning something new because we're information junkies because we we have all these forms of information coming at us on the internet coming at us in books coming at us on the radio coming at us in television that we want to learn learn learn but sometimes your biggest breakthrough is in what you unlearn and then you relearn sometimes you have to disrupt your soil pull your soil up take that dry dirt that's been planted for years i know i just been knowing this for years this is what my mother taught me this is what we've always known you have to disrupt that soil in order to plant a new seed to grow a new fruit yeah yeah you guys got that and so i came very comfortably to disrupt your soil like that's what i came for to disrupt your soil not to necessarily keep you comfortable in what you know stay comfortable in that i want to disrupt you on some things that are new awareness to go oh wait hold on or a new awareness about what you've been doing based on what you've known forever that doesn't fit your future anymore because i can guarantee you every single one of us who want something different than what we're getting we're doing something unconsciously from old patterns that doesn't even serve our future that's when the tongue in your mouth and the tongue in your shoe are going in two totally different directions and your job is to align them up so that you can move forward in a powerful way myth number two is that abundance is singularly focused on possessions and money right that's what it's all about what you drive what you live in how much money you make when in fact this couldn't be further from the truth wealth is possessions and money abundance is a 360 experience true abundance is your health because if you don't have great health life does not feel good abundance is relationship and at the end of your life literally you will measure the quality of your life by the quality of the relationships you had all the other stuff will fall away that promotion you're thinking about you're wondering about that raise it will fall away in the area of importance when you get to the end of your life you will begin to look at the quality of your relationships how are your children relating to you how your siblings relate to do you have love in your life you literally will start looking at relationships at a higher level as you get older so when you mine them now you take care of them and i know that for a fact i have a friend who's worth 14 billion dollars billion with a b he was just partying at my house all night long wouldn't leave four in the morning go home and he flew in from canada to go to my new year's party because he loves my family connection and he doesn't have one he is financially wealthy he's relationship broke does that make sense abundance is a 360 experience it's about relationships it's about health it's about your spiritual groundness that doesn't mean you have a religious origin it's about can you release can you forgive can you let go can you be still do you meditate do you have time with yourself that has a lot to do with the quality of your life let me tell you in order to have something different you are going to have to do something different in order to have something more you have to do something you haven't done yet i had to say the things i didn't want to say do the things i didn't feel like doing to have the life i know i wanted period and all i did was give instructions for here do this bite size do this bite size do this bite size bite-size digestible palatable pieces of what you can do and when you look up and you don't have to have a magnificent change over 12 months have a small change over 30 days and then small change over 30 days your breakthrough comes will come in needlepoint moves and you look up look up in five years and not recognize your life every single thing you touch is impacted by your story as an attorney as a teacher as an architect there's not one line of business that you can be in that a story and a great story won't elevate your outcome every single line of business every single line of service that you're connected to will be impacted and ideally elevated by the level in which you're willing to tell and share your story so let me give you some guidelines some parameters what i like to call the bumper rails as if you're going bowling you know when i go bowling i ask them to put the little bumper rails down so i can stay my ball can get down the lane so let me set up some bumper rails for you um so that you understand what makes a great story so one is the willingness to take risk most people vision when they're telling a story they don't want to take a risk so the story has it has its limits on how high it'll go or how deep it'll go and when you have that then you're really not at that part that's going to touch my soul so being willing to take a risk being clear and concise with your stories a great story is a show me story not a tell me story now this is the distinction that's the game changer for most most people are telling a story they say so let me just share with you a little bit of my story and i'll tell you and then i'll show you so as i was building my life there was a time in my life that was very difficult it was very challenged true story very difficult very challenging very uncomfortable i didn't have a lot of money i didn't have a lot of hope and things just looked dismal at some point i had to turn my life around at some point i made the decision that life had to get better i'm telling you that it's decent you learn about me then if i were to show you that story i would say six days a week i had to eat beanies and weenies i had to find money in the crevices and the corners of my couch so that i can get my sun milk there were times when my heart would beat fast just at what am i going to have tomorrow at some point i got sick and tired of my

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