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THE SECRET TO SUCCESS | Buddhist story on how to be successful in life | Zen story |

foreign [Music] master was meditating at Bank of river just then a young man came and interrupted him the young man said master I wish to become your disciple why ask the Gen Master the young method for a moment and replied because I want to achieve enlightenment the Zen master looked at the man for a moment then he got up without saying anything and went into the river up to his base level he back on the young man to follow him the young man followed him and went into the river suddenly the Zen master grabbed the neck of the man and plunged his head underwater the man was surprised and he was kicking and struggling to free himself out of the water to breathe but the Gen Master kept his head underwater forcefully for some time after holding him there for a minute the master finally pulled him up out of the water the young man coughed up water and cast to get his breathe after some time when he eventually quoted down the master asked tell me what did you want most of all when you were underwater I wanted here answer the man very well said the master then he said no go home and come back to me when you want Enlightenment as much as you just wanted here if we see in our lives we will find that many people set goals in their life but only a few of them could become successful in achieving their goal and the reason for that is most of the people don't have that Zeal and passion towards their goal which is required thank you they have never tried to find their passion and they are doing efforts in some other field which is not of their interest but only those can reach their goal who are passionate about their work and have strong desire to be successful therefore before setting any goal in your life just sit back and think what you want to do in your life what is that you are made for what are you passionate about just spend some time to find your passion and once you find it then you will have strong desire to achieve your goal and once you have passion about your work and have strong desire to be successful then you are halfway to your goal and rest of the halfway of Journey you will cover with your efforts because we are there is Passion efforts will automatically come there is Passion strong desire and efforts there is sure to be success [Music]

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