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my dear child I know that you've been seeking a miracle and your heart carries a heavy burden I want you to know that I'm here with you now speaking directly to your soul please Focus your attention on my words for they hold great meaning and I wish for you to embrace them fully I've watched as life's challenges have overwhelmed you leaving you feeling powerless and weak I understand your pain as you witness the crumbling of the life you've worked so hard to build you might believe that you can hide your emotions from the world but I see deep into your heart and I know the wounds it carries I'm aware that you carry burdens from the past memories that haunt you relentlessly I understand all that you're going through and I accept you just as you are weaknesses and all what I cannot allow is for bitterness to take root and linger in your heart for there is a time for everything in life there is a season for sorrow but there is also a time for joy and your season of grief has lingered longer than necessary I've brought this message to you today because your Faith and Hope have been your armor but doubt has crept in and the enemy's arrows have found their Mark it's not your fault you've neglected our communion and the power of Prayer I warned you not to stray I beckoned you to draw near to me because by my side even the heaviest Sorrows become bearable I'm here to encourage you to return to me to reconcile our connection there is still time and you can reclaim all that seems lost I am the source of blessings and goodness draw close to me today no matter how insurmountable your problems may seem and I will provide Solutions I love you more than anyone else ever could and I alone possess the power to cleanse your Soul's sorrows and heal your body even if your sins are as dark as night I can make them as pure as freshly fallen snow come to me with your prayers seek me earnestly and you will find me I will deliver you from all evil for your enemies may seem formidable but they cannot defeat you with my help it's not by coincidence that this message has reached you I orchestrated these events because my love for you makes all things possible have faith in my words and you will be free from Fear I will break the chains that bind you the Sinister bonds that lead to despair there is no force greater than mine and even demons tremble in my presence but for my children my words bring joy and healing and I guide them to safety I want to do the same for you you are now part of my flock a lost sheep that I've sought out I don't want you to navigate this insecure world alone I desire to lead you to Green Pastures quench your thirst with Living Waters and care for you I want to heal all your wounds Grant you the miracle as you seek and fill your soul with eternal Joy do not resist my voice do not Harden your heart the days are becoming increasingly difficult but with me by your side nothing will harm you a thousand may fall by your side 10,000 by your right hand but evil will not touch you and no Calamity will befall your dwelling I've taken the first step by delivering this message now it's your turn seek me today with prayers and Praises in your own way but seek me my ear is attentive to your please and my hands are open to bless you I want you to feel my immense love experience my boundless peace and sense my presence permeating every corner of your being I will engrave my plans for you in your mind so that you'll never forget them I know you've lost motivation and enthusiasm for things you once loved I Am The Giver of both desire and action and my desire for you is to rekindle your passion I have incredible purposes for your life and I will Infuse you with the enthusiasm needed to fulfill them I understand that you're grasping the significance of my words and I Rejoice because your life is precious to me your soul is beyond measure more valuable than all the riches in the world for I have redeemed you with my own blood I am now bringing Tranquility to your heart heart peace to your thoughts and flooding you with my great love my spirit is entering your home touching your family bringing healing unity and multiplying love I thank you for allowing me back into your life now relax for I Stand By Your Side as a mighty protector defeating all your adversaries you will no longer face your battles alone for I will stand before you vanquishing your foes fear nothing for I am greater than all your problems remember above all you are more than a conquerer through Christ Jesus with me by your side you will lack nothing I will provide for all your needs and those of your family I have magnificent blessings in store for you things that will fill your heart with joy I desire to open doors that have remained shut until now I can and want to bring your dreams to fruition my greatest joy is to see you fulfilled and I hold marvelous blessings for you you will love them the spring evenings the golden painted Autumn mornings the star-lit summer nights I want you to encounter incredible people who will enrich your soul dear friends who await you the love of your life and beautiful places waiting for you to discover I have osies of joy for you even in the midst of the Desert Springs of crystal clear water just express your desires and I will open my hands and grant you all that you seek however you must prioritize me and believe in my promises with unwavering Faith the key to your trure chest of blessings is Faith and the size of your faith will determine what you receive remember without faith it is impossible to please me and your faith Faith demonstrates your trust in me if you doubt I cannot act your faith should be great yet simple akin to a child's trust in their parents they eagerly and confidently anticipate their parents' promises never doubting their words today I encourage you to trust me as a child does opening your arms with confidence to your heavenly father from The Day You surrendered your heart to me I cleansed you with my blood and adopted you as my child you are an heir to everything you see even if you don't fully comprehend it all I know that at times it's challenging to believe as many worldly distractions pull you away from me when your spiritual fire waines believing in Miracles may appear foolish as you lean on human reasoning but I don't require you to use reason or logic to understand my Mysteries especially those human sciences that often deny my existence I find Amusement in the wisdom of those who create laws that contradict one another all I ask is that you believe in me and you'll witness The Impossible manifest in your life I will bring healing to your body and Empower you to bring healing to others just as I turned water into wine at the wedding in canaa I remain the same yesterday today and forever I can still perform creative Miracles and there are essential things that you and your loved ones need which only I can provide as the world and its systems fall short believe

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