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foreign Buddha used to give discourses daily to his followers people from far and wide used to come to listen to his discourses Buddha used to teach people to live life with Simplicity and keeping themselves away from lust attachment greed jealousy and ego a person used to come every day to listen to the discourses of Gautam Buddha he used to listen very carefully to every word of Buddha and return home when the discourse was over for about a month he continued to come to listen to the discourses of Buddha one day even after the discourse was over he stayed there after everyone left he went to Buddha and said oh Lord I want to ask you something ask said Buddha the man said Lord I have been listening very carefully to your teachings every day for a month I remember everything you said but those teachings are not having an effect in my life I am not finding any change in my life I am starting to wonder if there is something wrong which I lack and if not so then buy your teachings are not having any fact on my life buddhaust my friend where do you live the man replied sir I live in shravasti Buddha asked how far is shravasti from here the man said sir it is four miles away from here then Buddha asked how do you come here from shravasti the man said sir I come here sometimes by walking sometimes buy horse cart and sometimes by Bullock cart Buddha said well tell me whether you will reach shravasti by sitting here the man said sir how is this possible how can I reach shravasti by just sitting here I have to walk to get there and if not by walking then I would need a means such as a bullock cart or a horse cart to reach there you are right said Buddha then he continued one has to walk to reach the destination the destination cannot be reached without moving similarly to bring good things into life one has to follow them those things are not effective in life just by listening they also have to behave accordingly apply my teachings in your life follow the path shown by me only then you will see a positive change in your life listening to these words from Gotham Buddha the person understood the words of Buddha then he decided that now he would follow the Buddha's teachings follow the path shown by him and make his life better if we see in our lives then we will find that we hear so many good things and bad things in a day we listen to some things and ignore them some things remain our mind for some time and after some time we forget them some things get preserved in our subconscious mind in the form of memories but the things that will start following they affect our lives they gradually become ingrained in our habits and eventually become a part of our personality by getting involved in our nature if you want to bring a positive change in your life then don't just listen to the good things but follow them too it is said that you cannot change your future but you can change your habits and surely your habits will change your future therefore if you want to make your life better then before adopting any Habit in life think about it wisely and bring only those things in your life which will bring positive change in your life and make your life better [Music]

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