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THE LAST GEM | Story of your life | Best motivational story |

[Music] once upon a time there lived a fisherman one day early morning before sunrise the fisherman went to a river to catch fishes on the bank he felt something under foot and found it to be a small sack of stones he picked up the sack and putting his net aside sat on the riverbank to wait for the sunrise it was just dark then he was waiting for dawn to break in order to start his day's work to pass the time lazily he picked a stone out of the bag and threw it into the water after that he threw another stone and then another in the absence of anything else to do he kept throwing the stones into the water one by one slowly the sun rose and it became light by that time he had thrown all the stones away except one the last stone lay in his palm as he raised his hand to throw the stone suddenly his eye fell on that last on his heart almost failed when he saw in daylight what he held in his hand it was a gem in the darkness he had thrown a whole sack of gems away he was stunned to see this what had he lost unknowingly he jumped into the river to find the gems but of no use he could not find any of the throne gems he was filled full of remorse he cursed himself he sobbed and cried he was out of his mind with grief he had accidentally stumbled upon enough wealth to enrich his life many times over but unknowingly and in the darkness he had lost it yet in a way he was fortunate still one gem was left in his hand the light had done before he had thrown it away too if we see in our life we will see that we are also throwing gems unknowingly in the ignorance the fisherman was fortunate to save the last gem but generally most people are not even that fortunate there is darkness all around us and time is fleeting the sun has not yet risen and we have already wasted our lives precious gems life is a vast treasure trove and man does nothing with it but throw it away by the time we have realized the importance of life we have thrown it away the precious time the bliss the deliverance all is lost and one's life is spent completely therefore always use your time wisely and use it to find your inner treasure and inner pleasure this is words of wisdom inspirational stories thanks for watching and keep smiling [Music] you

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