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Take One Step Every Day Towards A Pleasant Life | Sadhguru

if you just happen to be in the wrong type of ambience negative things can hit you [Music] to always end up in the right place in your life it's a certain talent don't think it's luck in the spiritual traditions many spiritual tradition always sangha association are to be in the right kind of company has always been a very important part of one's growth because rarely are there human beings just a small percentage who irrespective of where they are they will still stay on course all other human beings need support if they are not in the right company there's very little chance of them doing the right things unfortunately that's a reality it is not necessarily a misfortune because what this means is they are open to influence it is the responsibility of the social fabric to create the right atmosphere for every individual to grow towards what is beautiful for the individual and for everybody else around him but not always or rarely societies conduct this responsibility in the right sense because societies are not let society societies are allowed to go through a metamorphosis [Music] depending upon what is the influence in that direction it grows i don't know i still don't want to believe it they're telling me over 80 of the content on the internet is pornography i still don't want to believe that it is possible but people who are in the know are telling me sad guru that's how it is that's a sick world 80 is a sick world not a healthy world so be to be under the right kind of influence an influence which nurtures you towards your ultimate truth and influence which grips gives you the necessary courage and strength to walk the path of integrity because with a weak sense of integrity nobody is ever going to be spiritual and this must be understood that or bad things to hit you [Music] it need not necessarily be aimed at you if you just happen to be in the wrong type of ambience negative things can hit you that reminds me two terrorists were preparing envelope bombs postal bombs after having done quite a few one asked the other have you felt enough do you think we have filled enough rdx into the envelopes the other said why don't you open it and see he said oh it will explode if i open it i said you fool it's not even addressed to you it need not be addressed to you you open the wrong can it'll blow up in your face this is so in the world this is so within you there are lots of bins in your head you open up the wrong bin worms will crawl out you open up another bin fragrance will come out of it have you noticed yourself are you yourself noticed within you if you open certain part of your mind filth will come out if you open another part of your mind fragrance will come out have you not noticed to be conscious enough to be in the right company so that filth will not be tolerated so that you open up the fragrance within you not the filth is an important part of one's growth because you don't have to go looking for a gutter for filth there is enough in your head isn't it it is just that there is enough garbage in every place there's enough garbage in the ashram also so many people living i'm sure there's enough filth but we sit here with nice praise and fragrance we don't go sit there where there is filth the same goes within you within the geography of your body there is filth and fragrance which one do you open up for yourself and everybody around you that's a big question that takes a certain level of awareness and a certain company this is why i said some to be in the company of truth very important if you go around the ashram the geography of the ashram there must be at least eight or ten very filthy tanks these are called septic tanks full of septic if you every day go sit there of course you'll come to the conclusion isha yoga center is the filthiest place on the planet if you fall into it isha yoga is the most horrible experience in your life but you are not supposed to fall into that bit you are supposed to fall into this bit but you got the geography wrong because you have a wrong history your karma is your history isn't it sankaran pillar decided he is going to be a robber because none of his businesses were working nobody was giving him a job so he decided he will go and rob somebody so he got himself a country made gun late night he walked into a 7-eleven shop pointed the gun at the clerk who was there and said give me the money or your geography the clerk said well what you mean is history isn't it shut up don't try to change the subject now we are not talking about different subjects there's only one subject that's you but you can either fall in this bit or that bit that will be your experience of life so to fall into the right place it is a certain talent you have to grow into it you have to mature into it you always know how to be in the right place in a way satsang means just that communion with truth or you're making a building a relationship with truth if you're in the company of truth your interiority is pleasant if your interiority is pleasant naturally pleasant things come towards you and you will also have a tendency to move towards pleasant things if you make your integrity unpleasant you will attract unpleasant things and you will also move towards unpleasant things in awesome when you get a depression where do you go and sit but don't swim in the septic tank because you're in a bad mood but usually this is the tendency when you're in a bad mood you will seek five other people who are in a bad mood no no when you're in a bad mood you must seek five people who are in a good mood isn't it no no but that's not the way when you're in a black mode you will seek five other people who are in the same mood isn't it that's just like going to the septic tank for a swim because you're depressed wrong way to handle life that's all i'm not saying you should not do it just not in your favor that's all it is just that you have become so self-sufficient you don't need any enemies anymore in your life that's a lot of self-sufficiency so spiritual process is another thing to keep physiological cleanliness and psychological cleanliness is the worst thing otherwise spirituality will be a battle it will not be you know fragrance if it has been upon the spring breeze now it will be an uphill task a battle all the time a battle a lot of people experience their life particularly their spiritual life as a battle because they do not maintain some fundamental discipline about the geography of their body and the geography of their psychological space if these two things are not managed everything will be a battle now you happen to claim that you're spiritual so that will also be a battle that's the only way life can be [Music] so satsang means to make friends with truth truth is your friend not falsehood you start at whichever level of truth you know you don't have to start the ultimate truth you cannot however you understand truth you start with that you understand truth as l

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