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T.D. Jakes Life Advice Will Leave You Speechless | One of The Most Eye Opening Videos Ever

provoked to purpose you would think that purpose just happened but purpose doesn't just happen they went years just going through routine provoked is not a good feeling it is an uncomfortable irritating feeling it is a scary annoying feeling [Music] [Music] there are some irritants that should not be fixed transformation would occur in such a supernatural way that an illumination would occur in such a way that somebody doesn't even realize they think that whatever they're going through is what they're going through but they don't understand that what they're going through is is right in online and in level with what you're about to do next in their lives they don't even know they're extraordinary they think they're ordinary they think their situation is just something that they have to deal with and they don't know that in order to change the situation they have to be provoked not provoke to impress other people not provoke to prove something to other people but provoked to break away from complacency because it is not good for us to be too complacent you can be complacent and not know it you don't always have the benefit of having someone in your ear raising you developing you coming from a culture an environment a family culture or environment that lends itself to causing you to believe that there is something exceptional that god has planned for your life and if you're not careful most of us settle it is easy to settle and when we settle we often settle into a place of complacency now complacency is defined like this it is a feeling of quiet pleasure or security often while unaware of some potential danger or defect or the like self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation or condition just satisfied just dissatisfied and in and of itself that doesn't sound bad to be satisfied what makes it bad is when we are satisfied with less than what god has for us and it is easy to become satisfied with less than what god has for us because we don't always know what god has for us and we don't always understand what it takes to really revolutionize our lives and come to a place where we really go after what god has it is difficult now to distinguish between like peace and faith and things that we're taught in church and complacency how do you determine the difference between peace which is also a calm and a subtle and a relaxation and complacency so let's distinguish it by saying there's a difference between trusting god after you have done all you can do as opposed to complacency is the assumption that you can invest less effort and still maintain more responsibility you get to the point in your mind that you don't think that you really have to give your best because you're in now let me break it down where you can get it good it's the difference between the dating you and the married you is the difference between your first month on the job and your 10th year on the job complacency complacency begins to occur when we no longer put our full effort into becoming what god wants us to be we are living in a world that creates two polarized ideologies the world has two polarizing ideologies that i want to deal with one is a deep feeling of inadequacy on one hand you got people who feel inadequate this is a voice that says your best is not enough and maybe you're not enough they live with an inferiority complex an insecurity nothing they do is ever applauded within it doesn't mean that it's not applauded outwardly but but inwardly you never clap for you you never appreciate your accomplishment you're off to the next battle you're off to the next thing and when you look back at it there's always something wrong with it and you can always see what's wrong with it and you can never see what's right with it you have been conditioned to see yourself from a position of inferiority often we seek affirmation from others it makes you hungry for affirmation you're starving for affirmation see when you clap for yourself you don't desperately need somebody else to clap for you [Applause] this is important it's ruining our relationship because we don't often marry because we we want companionship we we sometimes marry because we want affirmation so we assign to our spouse the job of clapping and as long as they clap we're good but the spouse eventually gets tired of clapping into the life of someone who's leaking if you've ever tried that no matter how much you clap for them they never hold on to your clapping these are the people that keep asking you do you love me you asked me that yesterday yeah yeah yeah do you think i'm pretty i told you monday is pretty this is tuesday it it it leaked out already do you think i'm smart i yes i think you're smart and then i feel that the reason is leaking is because you are pouring into them things that they don't agree with i'm not just talking about so much just believing in in oneself i'm not even talking about believing in god i'm talking about allowing positivity to be internalized when it is due when it is really due i mean when you've really done the work and you've done a good job to take a moment and i have to i have to work on this in my own life to take a moment to take in good moments sometimes i'm so busy going on to the next thing that i don't take time to just see law the word see law in psalms is a musical term that means to pause and just breathe in and just take that in and really allow that to soak into you what you've been able to accomplish am i talking good this morning if if you don't internalize it don't assign me the job of telling you what you ought to be telling yourself i'm not talking about pumping yourself up when it's not good i'm not talking about lying to yourself when it's not good i'm talking about applauding yourself when it is good clap for yourself god shows us how to do this in the book of genesis the bible says that god stepped out on nothing and said let there be something and let there be light and there was light and and the evening and the morning was the first day and guess what no angels no choir no spouse no friends no person came along nobody started dancing no praise team came along and said god clap for himself he said and it was good and it was good it doesn't have to be finished to be good some of you wait too late to clap you're not gonna clap till it's finished but you gotta clap behind every accomplishment and celebrate every step the steps of a good man are honored by the lord and he delighteth in the way and every time you take a stab you need to clap for that step because at least i'm further than where i was i may not be where i'm going but i'm further than where i was am i talking to anybody this morning and so you need to praise god for baby steps praise god for progress praise god for improvement celebrate within yourself and not be afraid to look yourself in the mirror and say you did that well you did that real well you'll never be able to determine who you need in your li

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