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Sadhguru’s Extraordinary Encounter with the Majestic King Cobra

I've loved and enjoyed Western Ghats Like very few people would have seen it because I not only ridden on the motorcycle, I have trekked extensively in Western Ghats especially riding wise that ‘Sirsi' that ‘Joghs' ‘Serga', ‘Hurnard' that now all this has become a mine and all that stuff. But otherwise at that time it was one of the most exciting places to ride Fantastic terrain, Fantastic. Did you encounter any </font><font color=#E9E73AFF>King Cobras while you were trekking I have, but that time it was my dream to catch one King Cobra because in Mysore region we didn't have King Cobras So many, many times I checked in the to see him again, that area. to see him again, that area. Sometimes I sighted them, but I never go to catch them. Once I was lying on a a wedge of a rock which was like this just about two feet wide. I'm lying here in the afternoon and I see a snake is passing by me. This thick about maybe 14, 15 feet. It's just brushing my arm and going my arm and the right arm is here. I'm not so good with my left arm. I don't want to try a king cobra with my left arm. I'm just seeing my dream is just passing by Not able to get it, I get after it passed, I got up, but then he moved quickly.

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