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Sadhguru: Thinking About GOD is Trash Here’s Why

the moment you identify with something your entire mind understands that it needs to be protected and just works for that so how do i break my national identity my religious identity my racial identity you don't have to go like this if you break your identification with your own body it's gone everything is gone because everything is rooted in that everything is just an amplification of your identification with the limited boundaries of your own body [Music] the moment you get identified with this rest of the identification is only multiplication and it multiplies pretty rapidly the more successful you are with whatever you're doing you will multiply much faster [Music] and you will be able to see less and less as your identities grow the drama the psychological drama the races in crescendo won't allow you to see anything your own thoughts and emotions will drown you unfortunately [Music] the world has been constantly been pushing people to believe that what's happening in your mind is very important i've been trying to convince the world what's happening your mind is just trash no satguru i'm thinking about god that is also trash [Music] maybe a bit holy trash but still trash because in your mind god cannot come devil cannot come angels cannot come only thoughts come it's a fool who identifies one thought as sacred another thought as something else thought means something that's not real right now [Music] thought means [Music] old garbage is festering in your mind [Music] you need to think to survive about this and that but you don't need to think to explore something new you don't need to think to become enlightened because what will you think you will only think the past data which is head in your head in many different ways maybe [Music] how many varieties of expressions your rubbish finds is of no value to life maybe socially there is some value so seeing clearly seeing everything that your vision is not obstructed by yourself [Music] if this one thing happens stability will happen exuberance you don't have to worry because that's the nature of life itself everything is exuberant if you're out of balance and you move at a certain speed you're going to hurt yourself whether you're riding a bicycle or you're riding the cosmos if you're out of balance and you attain speed you're going to hurt yourself very badly so balance is very important and balance that comes out of curtailment is not balanced that's [Music] you know packaged death yes you package death in a certain way and it looks very decent and dignified because dead are always very dignified have you seen this they never did anything indecent did they so essentially everything is rooted in the clarity of vision and that will not come unless there's some distance between what is me and what is my body if this distance is not there then multiplication of identities will just it's an inevitable consequence

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