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Sadhguru on Kali Poster Controversy

i know the controversies of political nature but uh now that kali is in picture let me tell you what harley means she's time all those skulls around her neck the present imagery of kali of being feared chopping off demon's heads and all this is only approximately 14 to 1500 years old carly worship has been there for many many millennia so these are more recent images and in the last two three centuries she's become more of a benevolent mother ultimately your skull also will hang on her mala one day because she's time because of that time is always dancing away never stopping isn't it both in terms of space and time you occupy just the spec of this cosmos so kali represents both time and space the word kali means kala means time kala also means emptiness or kali also means emptiness or space so there is only one term in yoga for both time and space because we don't see it differently

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