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Sadhguru Darshan 13 Aug 2021, 6:20 PM IST

Sadhguru: Namaskaram to everyone (Laughs). It's been a long time since we assembled like this. Fortunately (Applause) (Laughs)… Fortunately, there is enough space to keep social distancing and virus doesn't jump from one to another – if you have. Well, today is Naga Panchami or Nagara Panchami as it is known in Southern India. This used to be one of the most significant festivals in India at one time. There is a very rich history, mythology, science and human experience all mixed up (Gestures) as to what this day is about. It has receded in its significance. One reason is as… as we became more logical, more towards dissection of life, not an embrace of life, we tend to drop these things because we… our logic cannot wrap itself around certain aspects or dimensions of life. You know, dimension, dimension, dimension (Laughter). I want everybody to be happy (Laughter). So, because we can't wrap our heads around it, whatever we cannot wrap our heads around, we drop it. This has been happening ever since the advent of European education becoming the standard form of education around the world. Whatever we think is our education today is essentially from… fundamentally from the European systems of education. Everywhere in the world today that has become the standard and that has led to one form of development, one sort of consequences, conveniences, comforts but when you look at the consequences of the comforts and conveniences that have come to us through this approach to life, ah… To keep our (Laughs)… the bottom of our body comfortable, we're destroying the very planet upon which we live. There is a culture or there was a culture, still is living in Isha Yoga Center (Laughs), that we chose to make our bodies in such a way, our minds and energies in such a way that we could sit on a rock very comfortably. We didn't need a cushion. If cushion came, we enjoyed it, but we never sought a cushion. That happened because we did not evolve the idea of comfort and convenience through our logical means. We evolved the idea of comfort and convenience from our experiential dimension of life. We know this that when we're feeling absolutely blissed out and wonderful, we can sit on a rock and rock feels tremendously comfortable. When we're feeling miserable and depressed, the best cushion on the planet becomes extremely uncomfortable. Even if you sit on a cloud, because these days most people are living on the cloud (Few laugh), you know, cloud (Gestures). So the fluff of the cloud also cannot bring comfort to you because you have misunderstood life as a process that you could grasp by dissection. By the scalpel of your logic, you think you can cut into everything and know everything. For this, we have a price… we have paid a price and we're continuing to pay. If we don't set a few things right, well the price will be too big, too big for generations to come. Everybody knows that today. I want you to understand, the worst kind of things on this planet have been done with good intentions, because that is what our logic tells us. All the struggles that the world is facing today in terms of strife, war, hunger, and above all ecological degradation, and of course the pandemic, is simply because our idea of life has become too linear. We are unwilling to look at life the way it is. We want the whole cosmos through (to?) pass through the needle hole of our mind. (Laughs) When you do that, you won't have a cosmos, at the most you'll have a thread. Ah, you could make a noose out of it. It's happening in many ways. "Sadhguru, Nagar Panchami, why are you saying all this (Laughter)?" Because of this only, because even now Nagar Panchami in lawns that you're sitting, if you… if… You don't have to see, if somebody behind you says, "Snake, snake!" Oh, you will be hopping all over the place. No, today if it comes you must sit there, all right (Laughter)? A snake doesn't have enough venom to bite all of you (Laughter), only one. It'll empty itself, and we have an ambulance ready for you (Laughter). You don't have to worry, "It's going to come and bite all of us and finish us!" No. If somebody says, "Elephant!" you'll have to run. Snake you don't have to run, you can sit and wait. Who he chooses, who knows (Laughter)? And if you sit still, definitely it's not going to be you. Yes. See (Gestures – Referring to Adiyogi) (Laughter)? So, this day was one of the most significant festivals in this culture. When our perception, when our perception of life was more holistic, in this direction the snake, particularly the cobra, was very significant. Well, let me tell you because you know, anything you say it has to in some way correlate… correlate with the little science that you read in your school textbook. Most of you have not read a sentence about any science after you left high school probably. Yes, it's a fact. Most of you have not, but still you're a scientist. Anything if we say, you'll say, "But that's not scientific!" When did you become a scientist (Laughter)? So today, science is, you know, trying to get into its full circle, where… For example, right now this virus is in the news, you know? It doesn't matter, there's Olympics happening, but nobody's talking about the champions, everybody's talking about one single champion – COVID virus. And in how many ways, he or she… I don't know, because now it is not a thing… nobody will contest whether COVID is he or she because there is no gender. But because of our language limitations, we will have to call him or her. What do you prefer? Shall we call it "her" (Laughter)? No, no, no, now they don't want, see? The ladies (Laughter). All right, we… let's say "him", all the bad things men will take (Cheering/Applause). So, in how many ways he is manifesting around the world? How many gold medals is he winning? That is the conversation. Poor athletes are running and doing so many things, nobody's talking about them. Everybody's talking about the virus. But it is a fact that in our body, how many cells we have in this body from our genetic lineage, we have ten times more microbes in the system. That is, if you have 100 cells in this body, you have 1000 microbes, that is the proportion. So you're only ten percent human, rest you are also a microbe – ninety percent. Well, when this is the case, why a microorganism has become such a big thing is because we have dealt with our lives in a certain way, we have lived in such… certain way, we have made our systems to arrive at a place where the very things which are supporting our life can take our life. Maybe a few thousand years ago, human body was not like this. It's become like this because the way we conduct our minds, the way we experience life, in many ways shapes the kind of system that we have. I'm not saying if it's 2000 years ago, you wouldn't have gotten the virus. No, that's not the point. It wouldn't be what

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