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foreign [Music] Master my mind is full of bad thoughts all the time these flow of bad thoughts are bothering me a lot please help me to stop unwanted thoughts in my mind the master gave him a dress of another Monk and said go and look carefully at his lifestyle there you will find solution to your problem man went to Monk's house and said sir my mind is full of negative thoughts all the time my master has told me to live with you and learn about your routine monk agreed and let him live with him the monks used to live in his Hermitage and man started living with him in few days man saw that Monk's lifestyle was very simple and there was nothing special to learn from his lifestyle man used to talk to him but he did not find anything to learn from talks either man thought that monk was very simple and seemed innocent like a child but there was nothing special in his routine but there was one thing in Monk's routine which the man could not understand he noticed that the monk used to wash all the tensiles at night and then wash those cleaner tensiles again in the morning one day the man could not stop himself and asked the monk about it the monk looked at the face of the man and replied my friend this is the answer of your question which you asked to your master I wash it and since at night because it is necessary to take care that utensils are not dirty and not Dusty and since a little bit of dust settles again in them during the night therefore I wash them again in the morning then the mom said similar is your problem your mind is filled with thousands of thoughts therefore clean your mind at night and wash it again in the morning by doing meditation doing so gradually your mind will become pure because regular cleaning of mind is very important to live a happy life if we see in our lives we will find that like we take bath every day like we wash our clothes regularly similarly regular cleaning of mind is also very essential if we do not clean our mind regularly then it will get filled with dirt like monks used to wash utensils before going to sleep at night and after waking up in the morning similarly to cleanse our mind we also need to do meditation for few minutes before going to sleep and after waking up in the morning it has been seen that the thought that is going on in our mind before sleeping at night the same thought arises in our mind after waking up in the morning the activity you are doing before sleeping after waking up in the morning the same activity will have effect on your mind few minutes before sleeping and few minutes after waking up are very important if we meditate for some time at that time then it will have great facts on your life you will have multiple benefits of doing so you will start to have deep and peaceful sleep and will have less dreams if you meditate for a few minutes before sleeping then after waking up in the morning you will not have to make an effort to meditate rather your meditation will start to happen spontaneously you will feel more energetic throughout the day and your mind will remain calm it seems to be a very ordinary activity but its results can be miraculous in today's busy life where everyone is short of time this simple activity can be very useful in reducing unwanted thoughts of your mind and if you can do it regularly then surely your mind will start to calm down and you will start living a happy and peaceful life [Music]

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