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hear me my beloved and lend your heart to these words in this quiet moment let my message be your sole Focus I yearn deeply for your peace to lift the weight from your shoulders to dissolve the chains of restless nights and sorrow's grasp let not the shadows of Despair darken your path again my love for you is as boundless as the skies shown in countless ways yet I long for you to not just see but to immerse yourself in this profound love speak to me now from the depths of your soul do you seek a brighter chapter in your life do you thirst for release from the unyielding grip of stress does your heart yearn for Joy's Embrace share with me now your truth if you truly wish to rise from the depths Heed These words begin this very day delay no longer see how I come before you to disel your doubts to speak directly to your heart you know of my existence my unwavering presence beside you needs no further proof yet I will offer signs not only for your belief but also to show those around you the mighty force that stands with you start each day with gratitude even before you rise before stepping out into the world even if your spirit feels weary if confusion clouds your mind close your eyes in quiet thankfulness be grateful for the gift of life for the freedom to speak with me for even the smallest seed of Faith appreciate those around you for despite their imperfections they hold love for you in their hearts be thankful for your ability to think to read to receive these words for you hold the power to transform your perspective each morning as the new day Dawns focus on the positive the pure the kind in every situation even amidst turmoil seek out the light the glimmer of hope the Silver Lining remember my child the trials that do not break you only serve to strengthen your spirit here you are standing or kneeling yet undeniably alive not vanquished the intense battles you've faced have not just tested you they have fortified you I know the pain was real the challenge is daunting yet here you are breathing courageous having braved the storm to seek my guidance so as you begin each day take a moment to close your eyes and Express gratitude for all things both joyous and challenging this practice of thankfulness in every circumstance will gradually transform your heart elevating you to a spiritual realm beyond the ordinary in this Sacred Space you will see past the superficial dread of problems behind each challenge lies a hidden blessing or a lesson enriching you with wisdom far greater than the common boasts of worldly achievements you will hold a wisdom profound and Powerful many might claim wisdom but your is a gift bestowed by your heavenly father Others May perceive themselves as wise yet you are the recipient of divine wisdom a sacred flow from my Throne this wisdom is the fruit of your daily practice of gratitude and in your Soul's light Joy will fill your heart as you enter my presence with a thankful spirit I assure you begin each day with gratitude then seek strength and guidance in my word listen to these messages with a prayerful heart record them and share them lovingly I promise you this day and in the days to come you and your family will be abundantly blessed a time of Plenty will replace your current needs my promises are steadfast they unfold into reality for those who wait with faith and patience I am keenly aware of your needs and what will benefit you and your family my plans for you are Mighty do not be daunted by the challenges you currently face embrace the words I impart to you and resist the urge to respond in anger or negativity to the trials you encounter let me Grace your face with a smile and anoint your head with the sacred oil of my Holy Spirit clearing away the fog of confusion and harmful thoughts do not Harbor the thought thought that I would punish you for your errors and their repercussions you have endured hardships and pain yet I do not wield my power to cast you into despair I implore you do not attribute your losses to me I have not taken anything from you can you recall a moment when you witnessed me removing the blessings I had bestowed upon you I am not deceitful nor do I conspire against you having sacrificed myself on the cross why would I inflict curses upon you you have returned in Repentance turning away from sin and I have absolved you your transgression Is Forgiven what then holds you back do not misconstrue my actions if you face obstacles if Strife arises if it seems your adversaries momentarily Prevail do not succumb to fear or anger I bear no resentment toward WS you and if you've been led to believe otherwise seek the truth from the one who misled you haven't you delved into my word I am the almighty God loving you with an unending love offering you eternal life this is no trivial matter grasp it firmly find a quiet place to confess your sins to me and Solitude lay bear your doubts free your heart of its queries cling to nothing but your faith in the early hours pour out your soul weep if need be my desire is for you to be liberated from remorse and guilt once and for all I will touch your spirit enlightening you to the beautiful plan I have set in motion do not be disheartened or enveloped in sorrow due to the happenings around you recognize my love for you I am not irate I Harbor no resentment towards you you there is no necessity for your suffering I will make this even clearer so that your belief in me is unwavering I will speak to you at Daybreak unveiling my glory for your spirit to witness you will feel it within you will rise and a wondrous Sensation will embrace you completely I will reveal my a inspiring Supernatural and eternal love to you erasing any doubt of your belonging to me you are my treasured one day and night I watch over you with a love that is pure and tender cast aside your doubts about me consider this what purpose would I have in causing your suffering you have grown to understand that actions have consequences a misstep can lead to hardship as you will know but know this I am not leading you towards ruin but rather I am am patiently waiting for you to seek my presence so we can reflect on your mistakes together I am your God your father your friend your judge and yes a consuming fire yet never forget that I am also your protector your champion in my hands I hold the proof of your Redemption Through My Sacrifice your sins have been paid for it's true in this world consequences may follow your actions but even from these trials I am here to bring you relief my desire is for you to learn from your experiences to sin no more to live without causing harm if you have avoided such missteps continue steadfastly be bold in preventing wrong I wish for your soul to bask in my blessings to Revel in the freedom I offer approach me boldly without fear praying for your family and Faithfully awaiting the blessings you seek from me even if what you receive differs from your request trust that I will provide som

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