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Connecting Yourself to the Universe | Eckhart Tolle Explains

so it's not really true to say I am aware of the awareness in me no the awareness in you is aware of itself when the the person and the deeper eye the person that I call the surface eye and the Deep eye don't exist as separate so one day you're and then one moment you but the two can come together and so then you're able to function in this world as a person but always with an additional Dimension that operates now through that person in other words the way in which you deal with difficulties and situations and people changes it's it's no longer an egoic way of dealing with things but it dealing with things consciously this Con this greater intelligence can Now operate and use your flow into your mind and then their mind comes up with the right solution suddenly or spontaneously you take the right action whereas before you would have been reactive out of the egoic conditioning which usually is wrong it just makes things worse so that see then the truth you can have I sometimes put it like this you can have one foot in this Dimension where you are person and you have the other foot in the Transcendent Dimension ah so you and then you don't Lose Yourself anymore in your ultimately in your mind and that means you don't lose yourself in the world anymore because ultimately the so-called world and your mind are one and the same thing so you don't Lose Yourself anymore you can you operate within this limited Realm but you're no longer looking for yourself or for some kind of ultimate completion or fulfillment in this limited round of the horizontal Dimension which means you can now pursue a goal still because in the surface ey still operates here you pursue a goal but you do not make the mistake of uh overemphasizing what this goal can do for you once you reach it yes you might be very dedicated to what you're doing but there is not an excessive projection into where you think you need to get to I need to get there I need to have achieve the success that it make me that will make me Me Feel Complete and fulfilled and then I will have made it made what the ego that goes You Pur pursue a goal but your attention is in the doing rather than where you want to get to you know where you want to get to but your main attention is in the quality of the doing now whatever action you take now you're able to be present with it rather than always devaluing everything you do now now in the service of this greater goal in the future that will never ultimately satisfy you anyway and that is a very dysfunctional way to live whenever stress arises you have there's something has happened the you don't want to be where you are and ultimately you don't want to be doing what you're doing now stress means there is a projection to some future point where you want to be rather than here you want to be there so the quality of the doing diminishes there's no the Consciousness doesn't flow into the doing the doing is a means to an end it goes like I want to be there and here I'm doing instead of yes peripherally you know where you want to get to but that's not where your your main focus that's your peripheral but your main focus is the doing itself so the the doing is no longer in the service of the future it is self-fulfilling and and then it becomes actually much more empowered uh the you in in other words you enjoy the doing no matter what it is there is an enjoyment of the energy that flows into the doing and that's enlightened or or conscious action as I call it conscious action it's it's not reduced just to a means to an end yes it is also a means to an end but it is not only a means to an end it is fundamentally an end in itself it's the doing itself that's already this teaching has already two the the ancient script of the bhavat Gita which if you haven't read it you should uh nobody knows how old it is maybe 2,000 years or more again one of the main lessons in the bat Gita is it is possible to perform an action without losing yourself in some desired goal which in bav is called the fruit of the action do do don't give it says don't give excessive attention to the fruit of the action but just be conscious of the action itself and this is coulded as a spiritual practice and this is the it's called karma yoga the yoga in the sense of yoga here means spiritual practice not necessarily uh body movement but that's fine too uh Karma Yoga Karma means action Karma action and reaction karma is so karma yoga is the practice the spirit the action as spiritual practice and that's a very very powerful teaching that's been around a long long time ER any activity that you perform as a person by performing it in this way becomes actually empowered and then you have a foot in both worlds the you have you have the the unconditioned Consciousness acting through you giving you attention your fullest attention to the doing in the Moment In This Moment whatever you do in this moment and if it's not just doing it might be something else uh one isn't you you're not always doing you're always walking around this world uh perceiving things and and talking and perceiving and so on uh you may be familiar I'm sure you are with the term that's mentioned a lot these days as in New Age teachings and others gratefulness or gratitude and again that is related to this what what what does it mean gratitude from there um well people say well you say thank you for okay um it sounds a little weird you um thank you thank uh I would somebody asked me I I think it was a Buddhist because Buddhists don't believe in God as such it's not that they are atheists but they don't believe it's a complicated thing but don't don't need to talk about this but uh B said well who am I thinking if I I don't think of a god that has just given me something so why do I say thank you what I don't understand who am I thanking um gratitude is really appreciation it's an it's an alternative term you could use and what is appreciation it is um again it's related to be present with a sense perceptions for example uh you can appreciate appre apption for anything by giving it attention and to give attention your mind needs to be free of the conditioned naming and labeling to awareness again presence you give attention to this flower for example you give it attention and so this is a visual in this case and you appreciate it's Beauty but without mentally saying you may not yes the thought may come into your mind it's beautiful but you don't stay stuck in that thought then the thought disappears and you continue to be aware of that flower and you appreciate it's it's just if one had to use words incredible presence and and aliveness and then is is the kind of thank you arises that is not necessarily verbal it's a deep appreciation but you can even do it with any even soal inanimate objects there's a glass of water here and I can see the reflections of the light in the water it's really beautiful and for a moment the Mind stops and simply perceive the incredible be

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