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[Music] once upon a time a monk was walking alongside a river just when he saw that his scorpion was struggling in the water scorpion was just about to drown in the river knowing that scorpions cannot swim he went into the river and knelt down to scoop it out of the water carefully he picked the scorpion up with his fingers and walked to the bank just when he was about to set the scorpion down he turned and stung his hand the monk being in pain drew his hand back and as a result the scorpion fell into the river again when the monk realized what happened he again knelt down and picked up the scorpion out of the water once again but just as the monk was about to set the scorpion down he again stung on his hand and this scene repeated several times until the mom finally saved the scorpion a man standing at a distance was watching all these he was confused he went to the monk and asked him excuse me sir why do you keep trying to save that scorpion it stung you every time you tried to rescue it but still you kept rescuing it may i know why the monk smiled and replied my friend just as it is the water's nature to make things wet so it is the nature of the scorpion to sting and just as it is the scorpion's nature to stink it is my nature to say he is thinking again and again according to his nature and i am saving him again and again according to my nature if he is not changing his nature then why should i change my nature if we see in our lives then we will find that sometimes we come across people who harm us or insult us due to their ignorance or lack of understanding but we should not change our behavior or thoughts based on the behavior or thoughts of them we must not allow their action to rob us of our faith and duties they are doing actions and behavior according to their nature and we should respond as per our nature similarly sometimes we don't help someone because that person did not help us when we needed it if we also do the same then what will be the difference between that person and us if someone needs your help then you should help him without any expectation we should not change our nature by looking at the nature of others rather we have to stick to our good nature therefore always be true to your nature discover goodness in yourself discover your own nature and once you find it then leave that to the fullest extent while respecting and not judging the nature of others [Music] you

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