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[Music] once in a village lived a sculpture who used to make very beautiful statues and by his work he used to earn a good income he had a son who also started making statues from his childhood even he used to make very beautiful statues father would get very happy to see his son's idols but every time he used to point out one or other mistake in his work his son never complained and continued to improve his work following the advice of his father because of sun's continuous improvement his work started getting better than his father's work then a time came when people started to buy his statues by paying more money while his father statues continue to be solved at its early price son got young and was earning much more than his father but still his father used to point out mistakes in his son's work but now son did not like it he used to accept his shortcomings earlier and would improve on it but now he did not like his father's criticism one day when the father was telling his son the shortcomings in the idol made by him son lost his patience and said you are pointing out my mistakes as if you are a better sculpture than me but if this was the case then your idols would have sold at a higher price than my idols but idols made by me are sold at a much higher price than the idols made by you which means that i am much more better sculpture than you i don't think i need your advice anymore my statues are perfect after that day father stopped giving any advice for pointing out any mistake in his son's work for some time son was happy but after some time he realized that now people don't praise his work as they used to do and his statue's prize also started to fall down son could not understand the reason he did not see any shortcoming in the idols made by him he was very disappointed so one day he went to his father and told him about his problem father listened to him and said i knew this was going to happen son got surprised and said what you knew that this was going to happen father said yes my son because many years ago i too had to face such a situation then son said then why did not you explained it to me father replied because at that time you did not want to understand i know that i can't make statues as beautiful as you that's why i always try to find faults in your idols like a teacher because sometimes we do not find any mistake in the work done by us because we all love our work but the other person can see those shortcomings and mistakes which you can't see when i used to tell you about the flaws in your statues then you would not feel satisfied with your work and try to improve your work even more and that's why your work was improving day by day and price of your idols was increasing but when you got satisfied with your own work and thought that your work is perfect then your growth stopped people always expected better work from you but when you were not able to live up to their expectations they started losing interest in your work and you are not getting much money for your status that's why you have reached this condition son listened to his father he kept silent for a while and then asked father what should i do now father replied my son learn to be dissatisfied think that there is a room for you to get better and this one thing will inspire you to do all this better [Music] if we see in our lives then we will find that we often see criticism as a protest but if we observe we will find that criticism is not really a protest but an opportunity to learn something new people will always criticize you for your work but whether you take that criticism in the positive way or take it in the negative way it depends on you in fact criticism is a kind of feedback if you take it in a positive way then you will know the flaws in your work and try to fix them and keep on progressing but if you react negatively to it then you will not be able to find faults in your work and your progress will stop that's why it is said that critics are our best friends because they show us our faults therefore if you want to progress in your life you want to be perfect and want to achieve success then never be afraid of criticism because unless you have critics you will never be able to progress in your life and you will never be able to achieve success [Music] you

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