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Marie Forleo’s Life Advice Will Leave You SPEECHLESS | One of the Most Eye Opening Speeches Ever

in the beginning when i was first growing the business and first getting it off the ground i was definitely work-life balance was less of a reality because i just had to work constantly in order to keep the lights on but now at a different stage for me it's really about shutting things off and it's about recognizing that even though the world says that you should be on social media all the time that you should be on all of these different channels that more is better that's actually not the truth bigger isn't better and more isn't better when it comes to work-life balance the more that you shut down and kind of check out and give yourself time and space you come back and you realize you actually didn't miss anything all you missed was a lot of noise and i think as business owners it's vital that we stay connected to our own voice and our own intuition and if you're constantly connected to the outside world you can't hear your own intuition you're so overwhelmed with the voices of the world that you lose your own inner compass and for me it's vital so i actually shut off a lot we honestly don't think about our own mortality enough i think death is one of those taboo kind of topics in our culture and we don't really face it we don't think about it we don't talk about it enough we don't imagine ourselves dying enough we don't really just dive in and one of the weird little tricks that i use on myself especially when i'm just being horrible in my own relationship or i'm being not the person i know i'm capable of being i'm having a temper tantrum i'm stressed i'm just being an ass whatever it is i've used this in my relationship with josh where i will literally fast forward to the point where like i imagined him laying in a coffin and me going why were you such an why didn't you take that time why did you let that fight go on for four hours or a day or whatever it is or in those moments where i feel myself tightening up or shutting down or withholding love i try and check myself before i wreck myself i go there's going to come a day where you're going to flash back on this moment and wished that you just gave him a hug or wish that you went in and said i love you it's coming for all of us so if you can remember that now you change everything when i was bartending i was fully bartending like i wasn't talking to myself about oh my god i should be dancing right now or i should be working on my coaching practice i was just really into bartending and when i was dancing i was like you know being the best hip-hop teacher dancer i could possibly be when i was being a coach same kind of thing and i think that practice of being fully engaged in the thing that you're doing conserves a ton of energy and that's what most people don't do a book that really changed my life was half the sky by nicholas kristoff and cheryl wudun and it really opened my eyes to the injustice and prejudice that women face all around the world not only in this country but in the developing world and women are our most under utilized resource and i feel like it's up to us to take care of each other it's up to us to look and see what the needs are and to reach out and to fill those holes it's like we can't wait for anyone else we are the answer so for me it's vital to use everything in my power whether that's financial resources whether that's the platform that we've built whether that's my connections anything that i have at my disposal you know so many of us we want to do our best so we have high standards and all of those things are wonderful but there is a distinction between having high standards and performing at your best and suffering from perfectionism which in the extreme can actually be deadly so there's some research out there and this is sad but it's it's important to know when they started talking to folks um who had a relative who recently took their own life they discovered that in over 50 percent of the cases without prompting the relatives described that person who's no longer here as being a perfectionist they could never meet their own standards they never felt like they were good enough and when that roots in on a deep level you can understand how someone could feel that depressed and feel that lost and feel like nothing they ever do could ever match up so it's a real thing and for me you know i have strains of that and i'm so happy you know age and experience you kind of see the world in a different light but the thing that's helped me the most and what we focus on in the book is this idea of focusing on progress not perfection when that's your metric for success did i learn something today did i make an inch of progress even if it doesn't look like progress so there's actually a a great graph in the book yeah i'll see if i can describe it so people imagine that progress kind of looks like this you start out here and you're just new at something and then you inch up an inch up an inch up an inch up an inch up an inch up and it's almost like this straight line to get to your goal when in reality progress kind of looks like this you start here as a neophyte and then you maybe inch up and then you take five steps back and then you go way down and then you swirl around and you go up and down and it's just this incredibly squiggly line where there are setbacks you absolutely feel like maybe you've taken 10 steps back but that's still progress so true so when we're focusing on progress not perfection it's a really great way to keep your action in perspective and to keep moving forward because perfectionism really just keeps people spinning their wheels i always had a dream to have an amazing company that didn't necessarily have one home base i'm fascinated by technology and for me it's about finding the right people who also believe in that same idea that you can do great work that you don't necessarily have to share the same physical space all the time but that if you're united behind a vision and behind values and behind wanting to do incredible work in this world that you can create amazing results and only see each other a couple times a year so for us it's really about making sure that whoever comes onto the team shares the same beliefs that we do shares the same vision cares about making a difference and also is really self-motivated you know just because i'm the ceo of my company everyone else in the company is very entrepreneurial they might not want to run a company themselves but they're self-starters they're completely motivated they're always looking for ways to solve problems they have an attention on the bottom line and they want to create huge change in this world if you had to give someone who's recently graduating from our program a piece of advice what would you say i would say to learn and to execute on your unique vision define success for yourself figure out what that means to you don't get taken over by the world's definition of success or your families or what your friends

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