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my beloved child I ask you to pause and listen with all your heart grant me a moment of your precious time for I have something important to share with you Let My Words fill your soul and let go of any distractions what I wish to convey to you today is of utmost significance stay with me a little longer and let me know how you feel allow me to reach into the depths of your soul pulling out without any pain or sorrow that weighs upon your mind I embrace you with unending love and offer you a Serenity like no other come closer give me your heart and let yourself be enveloped by my love I am faithful to my promises I do not speak in vain my purpose in coming to you is to lift you up to paint a smile on your face each morning as you seek me my love for you is boundless and I want you to experience it deeply so that you may find happiness once more understand this I have never left your side and I will never forget you I hold you in the palm of my hand providing you with steadfast protection your path is secure trust in this truth with all your heart my arms are always open to receive you I am attentive to your cries and prayers each morning when you begin a new day open your eyes take a deep breath and sense my presence surrounding you I rejoice when you approach me addressing me with confidence and trust you know that I listen to you and answer your earnest requests it warms my heart when you intercede for your loved ones for this act holds great significance in moments of adversity do not let trivial matters divert your attention from the path I've set before you when you feel overwhelmed and besieged by life's conflicts remember that you can turn to me for guidance and solutions I do not desire for you to be enslaved by anxiety or Paralyzed by unfounded fears you've placed your trust in me because you know I will not disappoint you do not forget my word store it deep within your soul keep it close to your heart reflect upon the Miracles I've performed in your life rescuing you from adversaries saving you from Peril extending my hand to deliver you from danger even in the darkest hours when you believed all hope was lost I manifested my powerful word and worked wondrous Deeds there are countless blessings I can still bestow upon you and entrust your heart to me with unwavering confidence allow me to continue guiding and safeguarding you day and night I am your ever watchful Guardian do not allow despair to take root in your soul for I cherish you deeply my desire is for you to receive my peace and experience true happiness I see your tears hear your prayers and acknowledge your pleas to care for and Aid those you hold dear many times you kneel before me imploring my blessings upon others yet neglect to request anything for yourself your attitude of worship and gratitude brings me immense Joy when you stand before me focus on offering praise and gratitude for all the blessings bestowed upon you I appreciate your reverent demeanor and even when you refrain from asking for your own needs know that I will shower you you with blessings greater and more marvelous than you can fathom maintain your unwavering faith I will fulfill every promise I make to you do not be disheartened when obstacles attempt to block your path your destiny lies within my grasp and you will reach your goals realizing the dreams that reside within your heart nothing and no one can steal your blessings but it is imperative to uphold your faith loyalty and sincerity seek me in the morning as you awaken and as you open your eyes let your lips be filled with words of Thanksgiving and praise do not allow negative words to overshadow the light that brightens your days cultivate appreciation for the opportunities I bestow upon your life I will grant you the supernatural ability to perceive beyond the surface understanding the plans and benevolent thoughts I have in store for you I am aware of the recent tribulations that have weighed heavily on your spirit causing confusion and despair at times but this is why I speak to you now assuring you that no harm shall Beall you you will not be put to shame you will triumph over your adversaries and Conquer every challenge the time has come for you to recognize your true self a cherished child of the the almighty God no force can wage war against you or stand against you for you are already victorious in all things acknowledge your Triumph embrace your Victory I will move mountains and you shall rise with unwavering Faith pray with conviction knowing that I will answer walk with confidence and strength in your heart there is no room for discouragement or s sadness any longer I understand the distress you feel regarding family matters that cause you pain sometimes you require a period of Solace rest and prayer Embrace moments of silence and Solitude for they are nourishment for your soul my Holy Spirit the comforter and healer did not come to watch you suffer in tears mistakes and failures despite your suffering and tears my love for you remains steadfast you may feel that you cannot endure but I come to uplift you you will not live defeated your heart is a beacon of beauty and Purity do not keep it hidden in darkness step into the light let your countenance radiate and let others witness your joyful Smile as you Proclaim my name Jesus you are my cherished child a reflection of my boundless love I have done countless wonders for you and I shall continue to perform Supernatural miracles to demonstrate your significance to me I've been emphasizing that you no longer have room for discouragement or Retreat you are like the tip of a spear breaking through the winds and forging a path into the land of blessings I have prepared for you I will enhance your spiritual understanding so that you may realize your role as a parent to Future Generations many will follow in your footsteps and be blessed by your unwavering Faith do not concern yourself if others currently Overlook you do not be disheartened by the blows you endure even if they sting do not neglect the gifts and blessings I bestow upon you everything has a purpose I have complete control but as always your attitude is Paramount maintain your faith loyalty and sincerity [Music] turn to my word when you feel weakened kneel before me even when you believe you can go no further gaze Skyward I am there dwelling in your heart my blessings are not distant they are before you your salvation is at hand and your mountain of challenges shall crumble your enemies have been vanquished answer me now do you believe and love me upon receiving your response I shall work A great miracle within you allow me to reveal to you three steps to calm your soul and dispel your anxiety listen closely to your surroundings let these words resonate in your soul throughout the day ushering in peace the first step surrender your entire heart to me without reservation or fear my purpose is to Grant you eternal life and happiness I never intended to sub

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