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[Music] This story was about when on Wednesday but this name and Siddharth he left his palace in search of truth even ring here and care in search of truth I was looking for mental a lot leading to his ultimate goal Hindi search Got Initiation from Spiritual Master Us Name and District Ratlam Start Practicing This Method with Full Devotion Master Alarm Alarm Was Feeling Last to Hell They Decided Like Siddharth for the First Time A Great Secretary Principal Siddharth Guddu More Than He Told in To-Do Isi Hai Dual Siddharth 251 Day Siddharth Guddu For Three Days The Master Of Clans Game Siddharth Sachiv Difficult Aspect With Himself And Never Done But Siddharth DTH Austerity With Full Devotion And Dedication Eventually Siddharth Sharing And Devotion For Enlightenment Master And Ghulam Also 04:21 M&E Told Siddhartha Diet Find out What is Looking for Sharing This from His Master Siddhartha Who Doesn't Know Him and Left His Hermitage to Proceed in Search of Truth to Quench His Thirst for Self Realization Siddhartha Took Shelter of Any Spiritual Masters But No Time to Satisfy Siddhartha Spiritual Quest Six Years Passed Like This Invent Siddharth Decided To Appreciate On This Path Himself Alone Boy Doing For Justice And Long Fast Settings Siddharth It's Cream And Bone Structure Only Singh Siddharth Devotion From Five Just Came His Disciple After But One Day His Early Cheese Ultimate Goal And After that the witch is knowledge to demons who made this update one Siddharth wa crossing the river Kal Niranjan Davar not much water in the river it was only Biloda nice1 Siddharth wa clean down into the river he realized that you too hard austerities and fasting his body And welcomes pet only one few metro level only that just about to follow and after just an inquiry dandruff free that just hold onto it and some how to cross the river after crossing river will take a cut and the bank of river of oil and reach of knowledge That Everyday Mind It I Can't Possible Without Austerities Dan Hog Electrons The Answer And Decided At The Moment The Village Woman Passed Away From Her Singing A Song And A Song Boss Don't tighten the string of a harp so much that it breaks and don't Slow down so much that the aroma comes out of it Which mins that to on tight The spelling of the without short it but its bricks and do not loose in the springs so much that leaders don't even make a sound when they listen to these words otherwise resolution In Siddhartha mind debit the truth as no attempt by doing good qualities no and by doing worship places in access of anything but debt for rice flour the middle part after 10 sir alarm set down under a tree and the same time late in women some name And the honey is dried Bolo Fries coding in her hands She told Sidhar that every blinking More share Been worshiping history for a long time Since I have developed a person in bone Dansh will of rice pudding to history Nowhere which has been Field Anderson is child super Dancer Chapter Offering Siddharth Send This Rice Pudding Is For Free You Can Accept Dam Should I Hate You Last Night In Which Date Of Birth Stree Inspired Me Too Of This Point To You After Request Siddharth Accepted Rice Pudding NDT Which Worst Thing Day Is Okay Details After the fast of humanity that both sides decide pulse and Siddharth also meeting rice pudding they are very disappointed with for that is lost his way and elect him Siddharth explains the same in return working or wrong path will have to work only middle path birthday did not Stop Nau Siddharth Varsh Left Alone Bittu Ke Baat Indore Near The River And 0 Chat Under A Tree He Decided Data Is The Biggest Experience The Ultimate Natural A Distance And ABC Here And I Will Not Open It Is Under Line And 300 Thought Came Into His Mind In the festival one wishing for this is active in the desire of liberation and became interested in meditation and decided at its wonderful moon day the moon was rising in the sky and moon and self realization ho realizing in siddhartha innerself weapons de vaikuntha investment and don and siddhartha That Game Badha Aa Hu Is Our Life Will Find That Hindi Story Gautam Buddha Is Given Us A Beautiful Furious Middle Path Middle Path Means Also Neutral In Any Situation Some Times Vipul So Much Effort To Achieve This Goal Tatoos Or Health And Mental Peace But I Forget To achieve this goal it is necessary to have a balance of good health mental peace benefits and this will happen only when will be neutral on the rent in one spiritual growth then again meter path is the weight for you middle path means also neutral between love And hate middle path means also neutral between happiness and sorrow navodaya discomfort none and this field of discomfort middle path means tourism neutral in the moment for none and decree which means are you not happy when you respect and was not cent wearing certain that this principle of Life History Effectively Backed With This You Can Certainly Get Self Realization What Is Equal To Happy Life You Just Need To Talk Taste In Your Life Then This Is Words Of Wisdom Inspirational Stories Thanks For Watching And Keep Smiling [Music] Ajay Ko Kar Do Kar two [music]

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