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KEEP THOSE GATES CLOSED | If This Doesn’t Get Your Attention Then Nothing Will…..

[Music] have you ever looked at a Gaiden house the gate allows access into the property equally the gate serves as a barrier that denies the rest of the neighborhood access to the house if that gate is closed and locked then access to the house is shut there's no access for pedestrians no access for uninvited guests no access for unwelcome guests even but it's only when the gate is opened that things people uninvited guests and all can have access to the house the same is true in the spirit world we need to close and lock every spiritual Gateway into our lives we need to guard the gates of our lives and Be watchful regarding any potential entry point for the enemy and I want you to know this our eyes are a gate our ears are a gate even the atmosphere we allow ourselves to enter can be a gateway and I say this because what we allow through any of these three gateways can be influenced by either the Holy Spirit or by evil and demonic spirits here is what the Bible says about the Gateway of the eyes in Matthew 6 verse 22 to 23. the eye is the lamp of the body so if your eye is clear spiritually perceptive your whole body will be full of light benefiting from God's precepts but if your eye is bad spiritually blind your whole body will be full of Darkness devoid of God's precepts so if the very light inside of you your inner self your heart your conscience is Darkness how great and terrible is that Darkness so how can we ensure that our lives are protected how can we ensure that they are fortresses filled by the Holy Spirit as opposed to being Dwelling Places for evil spirits well one of the most effective ways to guard ourselves against negative influences and evil spirits is by guarding ourselves against the type of entertainment we consume what are you listening to what are you watching where are you even spending your time I ask these questions because whatever you expose your ears and eyes to will have an impact on you all kinds of entertainment is accessible to us now more than ever this is both a blessing and a curse it's a door for both God and the devil it's a Gateway for both The Godly and ungodly but here's the thing we choose who we let in we choose what to watch whether good or bad we choose what to listen to whether Godly or ungodly we choose the places we enter remember that the Bible says my people perish because of a lack of knowledge meaning that some of God's people are destroyed simply because they don't know they don't know what kind of spirit they are letting in when they watch that horror movie they don't know what they are inviting when they watch pornography do not be in that group of people who perish because of a lack of knowledge what you don't know when it comes to the spiritual world can be used against you a lack of knowledge leads to someone giving the enemy an inch and finding that the devil then takes a mile a lack of knowledge that means the enemy will present himself up as something innocent and harmless he will deceive and make you think there couldn't possibly be anything wrong with watching this there's nothing wrong with listening to this type of music Beware of the gate you are opening people of God be vigilant about what you're inviting into your life do you know the spirit behind that type of music do you know what Spirit What atmosphere or what you're inviting into your home when you're watching that film I encourage you today to fill your life with sounds and visuals that edify and build up your faith be the guardian of the gateways in your life job said I have made a covenant with my eyes how then could i gaze at a virgin David in Psalm 119 verse 37 said turn my eyes from looking at worthless things and give me Life in your ways we too must have the same determination we ought to have the same resolve that we will not put anything Wicked or evil in front of our eyes or even in our ears I urge you to give no room to the devil open the door only to things that can build your faith and invite the presence of God close every Gateway that can potentially corrupt and pollute the mind shut off every Avenue for the enemy and protect yourself from everything that can harm your faith I encourage you to only open the door for Jesus Christ to answer the knock of Christ the Bible says in the last days I will pour out my spirit on all people your sons and daughters will prophesy your young men will see visions and your old men will dream dreams so open your door to the spirit of God and the great thing about opening the door to the holy spirit is that he can lock things out through the power of the Holy Ghost you can lock out the evil that has been working against you and your loved ones with the power of the Holy Spirit you can lock out generational curses you can lock out principalities and dark Forces so invite God in today his spirit will bring wisdom and Revelation in your life his spirit will give you access to gifts that we would otherwise not have access to open the door to the word of God the word that can provide keys and solutions to all your problems open the door to Jesus Christ the one who can give you peace the one who can heal and also give you eternal life [Music] in Revelation chapter 3 verse 20 the Lord addresses his church and says here I am I stand at the door and knock if anyone hears my voice and opens the door I will come in and eat with that person and they with me and I would also like to highlight the fact that Psalm 95 verse 8 says today if you hear his voice do not Harden your hearts as in the Rebellion let us open our hearts to his voice if you hear his voice don't Harden your heart the Bible says the voice which you hear when you pray when you read his word or when you're convicted by the Holy Spirit let us not Harden our hearts let's not grieve the Holy Spirit I encourage you to listen and respond to the knock of Christ let's open the door and let him in so that he may dwell with us and in US once we've done this he will write our names in his book of life [Music] now part of the struggle in hearing God's voice for many Christians is due to them focusing on the wrong things and that's part of the deception of the devil he wants you to feel as though everything else apart from God deserves your undivided attention the devil wants you to meet the demands of the world but not what God demands of a Christian man or woman so let's not be deceived by the prince of this world don't be deceived by the evil one who wants us to focus on the pleasures and temporary happiness that this world offers us the enemy wants us to be laid back about the coming of Christ when you appreciate time and have the understanding that each of our days is numbered that is when you develop wisdom in your heart if you read Romans chapter 13. from verse 9 to 11 the Bible tells you not to leave any dead outstanding not to commit adultery not to steal not to covet but instead to love your neighbor as you love yourself and it sums all of this up

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