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10 Skills That Are Hard To Learn But Will Pay Off Forever

one of the things you would want to be sure to do is whether you like it or not get very comfortable and may take a while with public speaking for example i mean that that's a an asset that will last you 50 or 60 years and it's a liability if you don't like doing it or uncomfortable doing it that almost will last you 50 or 60 years and it's a necessary skill one of the big things that all startups do is they lie to themselves over and over and over mine's faster mine's cheaper mine's better mine's this mine's that no it's not and the reason it's not is because whoever it is you're competing with it's not like they're ignoring you it's not like oh my goodness this guy just started on shopify in the startup competition he's doing a million dollars this year woe is me i might as well close up the doors what are they doing i'm gonna copy what they're doing and now you've got to stay ahead and so you know you've got to be very careful as an entrepreneur to be brutally honest with yourself and those are some of the things that you'll hear from me as a mentor that you know know what you know know what you don't know but you've got to know your business better than anybody and everybody has a different talent and the reason we're all so messed up is because you're looking at everybody else's talent and wishing you had some of their talent all the energy that you spend thinking about wishing about being jealous of envious of anybody else is energy that you're not only putting out is going to come back to you negatively but you're taking that away from you all your energy should be forced on what do i have to offer what do i have to give how can i be used in service because dr king's message of not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great because greatness is determined by service and there is not a job in here that you can do that you don't switch the paradigm to service and not make that job more fulfilling i don't care what the job is if you say i'm a singer i'm a dancer i'm an artist i'm a teacher i'm a nurse i'm a doctor i'm a janitor i'm a i'm a clerk if you say if i look at this from how do i use this in service to something bigger than myself no longer becomes a job it becomes an offering to the world [Music] you'd agree with me on this but in many ways one of the key factors to legendary success isn't your natural ability it's not whether you have the right product it's not whether you're in the right field it's not whether you've had a blessed background it's not whether you have the right iq i want you to really think about and deconstruct and play with maybe later tonight in your journal i want you to deconstruct this idea of confidence and it seems like a very simple word but just think about it in your own life when you have confidence or we could even call it fire when you have that fire within you that confidence that interior bravery you almost have this power to do whatever it takes to get your brave vision done you see in this world it's not about you know in many ways your strategy in your business or your ability in your life it's about this thing called confidence and we have all had these times in our lives when we are full of confidence and what other people see as a problem we simply do see as an opportunity other people see it as a stumbling block block or a wall and we see it as a stepping stone or this solution and so confidence is something that you really want to wire in confidence is something you really want to develop confidence is a practice confidence is a muscle and like any muscle the more you focus on it and practice it and train it the stronger your confidence is going to grow and i just have to say it again when you are at a place in your life when there is an ongoing steady state stream of confidence moving through your mindset moving through your heart set you do the heroic in your business and you achieve the remarkable in your life nelson mandela is a particularly special case study in the leadership world because he is universally regarded as a great leader you can take other personalities and depending on the nation you go to we have different opinions about other personalities but nelson mandela across the world is universally regarded as a great leader he was actually the son of a tribal chief and he was asked one day how did you learn to be a great leader and he responded that he would go with his father to tribal meetings and he remembers two things when his father would meet with other elders one they would always sit in a circle and two his father was always the last to speak you will be told your whole life that you need to learn to listen i would say that you need to learn to be the last to speak i see it in boardrooms every day of the week even people who consider themselves good leaders who may actually be decent leaders will walk into a room and say here's the problem here's what i think but i'm interested in your opinion let's go around the room it's too late the skill to hold your opinions to yourself until everyone has spoken does two things one it gives everybody else the feeling that they have been heard it gives everyone else the ability to feel that they have contributed and two you get the benefit of hearing what everybody else has to think before you render your opinion the skill is really to keep your opinions to yourself if you agree with somebody don't nod yes if you disagree with somebody don't not know simply sit there take it all in and the only thing you're allowed to do is ask questions so that you can understand what they mean and why they have the opinion that they have you must understand from where they are speaking why they have the opinion they have not just what they are saying and at the end you will get your turn it sounds easy it's not practice being the last to speak that's what nelson mandela did my challenge in our generation is that gradually through entertainment through television through media through every way possible we are living in a generation of the dumbing down of ideas because we have traded effectiveness for busyness statistics say yeah somebody ought to clap on that we are busier than any other generation we have seen in the last three to four hundred years we are so busy we are we are busier than a wall than a one-armed wallpaper hanger we're just busy you'll get it later don't worry about it it'll hit you in a minute we are just as busy as we can be and we think because we're busy we're effective but i want you to challenge your schedule for a minute and ask yourself are you are you really being effective or is your life cluttered with all kinds of stuff that demands you and drains you and taxes you and stops you from being your highest and best self and are you substituting busyness and all the chaos that goes along with busyness from being effective let me tell you a bunch of scientists got together they begin to do some research and they begin to determine that 8

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