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[Music] in my profound desire to bless you I assure you of a bounty beyond measure there is no power that can hinder my will what I have declared shall indeed come to pass in the face of any challenge remember I am always with you even if it seems otherwise do not dwell on the intensity of your trials instead listen intently to my message let it be a bomb to your soul as you hear my voice cherish these moments as you dedicate a little more time to me I am etching my teachings my intentions and my commands into your heart I seek not just your attention but your deep faith in my promises give me your unwavering loyalty and steadfast belief for in you I place my trust and faith just as you do in me you are a chosen Warrior destined for a specific purpose do not Str stray from your path remain steadfast irrespective of the events around you The Whispers you hear or the sights you behold my pledges to you are etched in time they will not disappoint what is decreed shall come to pass I have made promises and your eyes will bear witness to their realization I bestow my blessings upon those with Resolute Spirits those who might waver momentarily but never forsake me for fleeting charms and deceitful grins I bestow prosperity and strength upon those who stay true to me those who humbly embrace my cause and adhere to my teachings the challenging moments you face will soon Fade Away transforming any shame into Victory joy and success prepare yourself to be a bearer of my values love patience hope and Redemption for all a new Joy will light up your countenance and you will be wrapped in Grace in your hands I will place the power to heal wisdom will be your gift sought after by many for guidance Your Righteous efforts will Thrive every blessing you receive will grow this is the reward for those who have faith in me and trust in my ways an everlasting life filled with calm happiness peace and abundance my angels will keep watch over your dwelling seek out the Miracles in my teachings read them attentively and absorb their wisdom yet know that with your own eyes you will witness even more remarkable and profound events these are new times many fabricate wonders to deceive the unwar but the Miracles I will work through you will surpass these move forward with confidence unshaken by hurdles should a vast Mountain block your way do not fear for it will yield spend no time fretting over adversaries attacks do not let them claim your time or your thoughts focus on the path I'm unveiling before you and strengthen yourself in my company for it will bring you immense benefits you know that you are different and though I love all with eternal love I have chosen you for greater blessings I know that you shall use what I bestow upon you wisely and not squander the gifts you receive you shall work diligently to multiply the riches and talents that will soon knock at your door I did not choose you to become wealthy and use your riches to Humble others I chose you to surround yourself with prosperity to guard your heart in humility to Aid your family to feed the hungry to extend a hand to the poor and to do all you can to bring Comfort to those in need tell me that you are willing to use my blessings wisely show me your obedience to my Commandments I yearn to witness your loyalty and sincerity guard your lips against speaking ill keep your thoughts free from the filth of this world Shield your eyes from all that is wicked and never let harmful words Escape your lips refrain from using your hands or actions to cause harm speak no ill of anyone accuse no one without knowledge and do not share slander that kills and destroys families when you open your eyes cry out for my affection in your mind Proclaim aloud that I am your God your lord and your Shepherd use the smile I gave you so That Others May witness the powerful work I am performing within you listen to this message once more word by word understand it grasp it share it live it and feel it these words bring you great blessings I am inscribing them in your heart accept them for in doing so you surrender your soul to me and I shall lead you with my marvelous love I shall lift you out of adversity head held high and hands full all those who threaten and attack you have placed themselves in grave trouble I myself defend my children my sword is drawn and I shall confront all who assail you in battle I want them to see you calm and full of confidence surprise them with your courageous demeanor your firm steps and your gaze filled with faith they shall shout they shall shall lie they shall attempt to deceive you and instill fear in you however Stand Tall my arms shall support you and you shall not fall you shall not be defeated with my wings I shall cover you day and night in warmth or in cold my love shall always be with you I have witnessed your steadfast Faith amidst trials and it touches my heart deeply you've stood strong facing life storms with Grace and dignity now it's time for you to ascend and embrace the fullness of my blessings cast aside sorrow leave behind all hurt and banish thoughts of Despair and desolation from your mind understand as I cherish you you must also value yourself recognizing your true worth do not let false beliefs take root in your mind suggesting you are unworthy nor heed those who spread such lies break free from these chains embrace my Holy Spirit in its entirety I long to liberate you I urge you to help others who are suffering embrace my love accept my forgiveness and welcome the love and peace I offer you for my love for you is profound as you well know even through the darkest nights your faith has been your Shield you've spent many Dawns in reflection wrestling with many thoughts but each new morning brings renewal in my Divine Mercy perhaps those who do not love you will attempt once more to assail you but each day remain in my presence and partake of my word nourish yourself with the Heavenly honey for I am your God your father your friend your fellow traveler I wish for you never to Fe feel abandoned only to be continuously filled with the peace and confidence that comes from knowing how dearly you are loved I shall administer Justice I have witnessed all your struggles and the tribulations you've endured your adversaries took advantage of you yet you reacted with Serenity you sought no Revenge nor did you become agitated you maintained your composure you understand that already rests within my hands and I shall confront those who have harmed you I will continue to strengthen your heart just as you approach and receive this word that envelops you with love and imparts wisdom much like the daylight illuminates the fields my presence will radiate throughout your being in your home and in your work I will grant you greater courage enabling you to make decisions without fear closing the door to false friends and the Devourer henceforth place your trust solely in me come and receive this word that I sow within

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