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HOW TO TURN YOUR MISTAKES INTO YOUR SUCCESS | Its never too late | Buddhist story |

[Music] once upon a time a king went for hunting in a forest while hunting evening time approached when he realized this he turned back to return but while returning back because of darkness he was unable to find his way he forgot his way and at last he found a small heart king went and knocked on the door and asked for shelter that hut belonged to a poor man who used to sell coal he welcomed the king in his heart and took great care of him next day the king was very happy because of poor man's care before leaving king said you took great care of me i am very happy with your welcome as you think i am giving you a nearby sandalwood forest as a gift poor man thank the king but unfortunately he did not know the value of sandalwood he started to make coal from that sandalwood and sell it in the market soon he cut down many trees from the forest and sold them as a coal in the market at last only few sandalwood trees were remained in the forest one day it rained a lot the poor man was unable to make all from that pet wood so he cut down few branches and took them to market sandalwood smell attracted many customers and they were willing to pay a lot for even small branch this confused the poor man he asked one of his buyers why everyone is willing to pay huge amount for this wood buyer replied this is a sandalwood it is a very expensive wood if you have some more wood like this then please let me know i will pay good amount for it man realized that because of his unawareness he wasted sandalwood and sold it for pennies when man understood this he started to repent and cry just then a monk was passing by from there the monk asked the man reason for his crying men told him everything the monk said to the man my friend don't regret all people in the world are making one or another mistake but it is better late than never you still have left some sandalwood trees you can use it wisely the man realized his mistake learned lesson from it and then went back and saw some more sandalwood seeds in the forest [Music] if we observe then we will find that this is the story of everyone's life we all make mistakes at some point in our lives and then we start regretting and start cursing ourselves we feel as if everything is over now we cannot correct every mistake but always remember one thing in your life that the possibility of progressing in your life never ends there is still room for you to progress no matter how many mistakes you have made in your life you can change your life if you learn from your mistakes and don't repeat those mistakes again because we learn from our failure and not from our success a person who never made a mistake never tried anything new in his life therefore always remember that life's greatest lessons are usually learned from the worst mistakes [Music] you

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