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How to Take Advantage of Sleep’s Power | Eckhart Tolle

and it's so powerful that there are many stories of people who were stranded in the snow they knew if I go to sleep now I not going to wake up I'm going to die and freeze to death and then finally a moment comes when the pull of sleep becomes so irresistible that they would rather go into sleep than stay alive if you're dead laed you might feel a wave of tiredness pulling at you tired it's a strange thing we think we know what we're talking about because we are so familiar with it everybody gets tired and everybody sleeps but if you were not familiar with it you just arrived here from some other place or Dimension where people don't sleep or where there are no people but other beings it would be quite amazing that uh everyone every night goes into sleep which has both the dream state and of course it has the dreamless state and in the dreamless state you just disappear completely and of course the dream state is recognized when you look at somebody who is asleep or when you look at your dog or your cat you can recognize immediately that they are dreaming because of the movement of their eyelids if you have a d dog or cat it's just fascinating to watch them asleep and then suddenly they go or their face Twitches with cats the whiskers go and with dogs sometimes they can be even little barks our dog used to emit little noises that were dream box so it would go like and then the legs go twitching too so he must be running in his dream and we do the same well except the barking and then of course from there we go into dreamless sleep for certain periods of time there's nor more twitching just complete and utter annihilation of you and the animal also does that the animal also experiences or there's nobody there to experience it the animal goes also into merges with something so periodically all beings I don't know if it applies to mosquitoes do they dream I don't know if anybody knows or flies or worms those life forms do they dream I don't know maybe some scientist might know or maybe at this very moment somebody's working on a PhD about the dream life of worms which would be not surprising because phds become very specialized these days but when you feel tired something pulls you towards out of this world we call it tired and they think when you we use the word tired we know what it is that we're talking about because the very familiar word kind of hides the fact that we have no idea what tired really is and we have no idea what going into dreamless sleep really is all we know is that the pull of tiredness is enormously powerful and eventually you can't resist it hopefully not while I'm talking but tonight uh and it's so powerful that there are many stories of people who were stranded in the snow or in the desert and they or whatever they knew if I go to sleep now I not going to wake up up I'm going to die and freeze to death and then they resisted and then finally a moment comes when the pull of sleep becomes so irresistible that they would rather go into sleep than stay alive and it has I may have mention it once or twice before I suggest that in your own experience when you get sleepy and when you're in bed and you feel you're going into sleep now just be aware and feel what it's like what what what does it feel like and you then you'll notice that what is usually not looked at because it's so familiar has an enormous sweetness to it this when you approaching sleep and you're in bed that is the attraction of sleep is so sweet and of course at that moment you forget all your troubles mind activity subsides and and then it goes and then that the last moments and it pulls you and then you enter the first probably the dreams to it and then you go and then you go disappear so everybody goes out of existence every night for certain P periods of time although in that Dimension there probably is no time and everybody needs to and wants to go out of existence every night and if you didn't you would go insane if you get if you're sleep deprived eventually you start to hallucinate you start to have hallucinations instead of dreams and then finally you would go insane so become we are in existence during the daytime do things think do and then we go disappear and suddenly we are born again go out that seems to be really you can probably learn a lot understand a lot realize many things about the universe if you just observe yourself because all those things that P patterns that occur to you as a human being are really microcosmic versions of macrocosmic reality so the universe and I believe there are certain uh similarities here with in the subatomic realm and um we're going to have a conversation tomorrow with uh a scientist and author who has come to join us it will be very interesting but here I just can only talk from my own experience which you can verify in your own life that you disappear periodically and you need to disappear and you couldn't survive if you didn't periodically disappear into what we call sleep but don't really know what it is and it is good it is it feels so good to disappear into that sleep realm so we have the dimension of dream and dreamless sleep and then when we wake up we experience the ordinary we experience ordinary existence which is a kind of dream too in many respects things come and go very quickly except you kind you kind of share it with seem to share it with more people so they are groups of people who kind share the same kind of dream here we share the mil Valley dream and it's quite Pleasant could be worse you you might be in winipeg right now in the middle of the winter but if you're in windy Peg that's fine it's just a different kind of dream and it has its attractions too especially next to a nice fireplace there is an equivalent of dreamless sleep in our ordin existence but most people are not aware of that and that is a dimension of Consciousness that is possible for human beings that has certain similarities with dreamless sleep and although spiritual teaching and so on have spoken about it and pointed to it for a long time thousands of years it still is not common knowledge that there's a potential in every human being for realizing within him or herself a state of conf ious nness that is deeper infinitely deeper than the ordinary state of thinking and doing normal life I sometimes call that state spaciousness inner spaciousness or sometimes call it present presence or Stillness in Indian spirituality India I mean India the uh they have a word for they talk about they have been talking about it they have a term for this they call it the fourth state of consciousness to which is I believe you have dreamless state dreamless sleep you have the dream state you have ordinary wakefulness and then you have the the fource state which most humans don't know that it's there for them they don't know and that is the greatest one could almost say yes tragedy of a human life is to miss that the possibility that there is in a human life to realiz

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