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HOW TO STOP WORRYING AND START LIVING | Bag of worries on head | Buddhist story on worries |

foreign [Music] from one city to another he boarded a train and took a seat but the bag he carried with himself remained sitting on his head his fellow Travelers were surprised to see this and asked him why he was still keeping his bag on his head the monk said he did not want to add to the burden of the train which was already overloaded the fellow Travelers were amazed and some of them started to laugh they were thinking that this monk is foolish then some of them said to the Monk you seems to be a crazy person even if you carry the load on your head it is going to be a load on the train then why carry an unnecessary burden on your head is not it foolish the monk burst into laughter and said my friends I am only carrying this visible bag on my head but you people are carrying the burden of so many worries and troubles on your head that which cannot be seen with these eyes then the monk took off the back from his head and put it down he seated himself and said you guys are laughing after seeing me carry bag on my head but have you ever thought about yourself I have put this burden of mine down but when will you guys take the burden of worries of your hat in our life we will find that we all do not know how much burden of worries we are carrying on our head worry about study in childhood worry about job career and marriage in youth worry about our children worry about disease and death in old age our whole life is spent carrying the burden of worries on our mind worry comes when we think of negative future possibilities we spend our time and energy thinking about negative things that could happen but interestingly most of the things which we worry about never happens in fact worry is a reflection of a lack of faith that life will be good to us worry reflects a lack of faith in oneself and a lack of trust that we will be able to deal with difficulties therefore instead of worrying about what you cannot control shift your energy to what you can create because whatever is going to happen will happen whether we worry about it or not we are here on this Earth for a short visit we do not know how much more time we have left so instead of worrying about our future we should live our present happily and always remember that worrying does not take away tomorrow's trouble but it takes away today's piece [Music]

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