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Jack Ma’s life-changing advice for young people

[Music] i think if you succeed every mistakes become a legendary if you feel that's just a garbage so stay full stay foolish to your dream and continue to fight [Music] and young people are the solutions for tomorrow young people are the solutions for all the worries and young people if you stay with them you will be full of but the advice i give to the young people is that also the advice i give to myself that nothing is easy nothing is free if you want to be successful you have to pay the price alibaba 18 years to today's size yeah we are lucky but we work much harder than most of the people we never sleep well and sound in the evening i traveled last year 867 hours a year in the plane i'm working hard my team worked very hard 18 years we worked like a normal company 70 years day and night nothing is free nothing is easy easy beings you have to think different you have to do different early days in my company when some ideas come to my desk jack this is a great idea and i look at everybody everybody say it is a good idea i normally throw into the rubbish because everybody said it's good then all the other people think of if everybody say this is going to be very tough i'm very interested in that tough question and i pick up and say how can we do in a different way this is to be unique to be different today is very tough tomorrow is more tougher the day of tomorrow is beautiful but most people die tomorrow evening you have to work very hard every tough days every tough situations problems you meet that is the training of yourself when you graduated your school graduate from this school you just started your career of learning when you got a phd diploma or bachelor diploma this is just a certificate your parents pay the tuition for four years your real challenge is when you leave the college the real life stats the real exam stats the real test stats that's life so one thing you are lucky as i said if students cannot survive 99.9 percent of people in the world cannot survive only you have this confidence you will be able to face the challenge of future [Music] if you uh 20 to 30 years old please find a good boss not not necessarily a good company learn from the boss learn how to do it when you are 30 to 40 years old try to do something yourself if you really want to try it when you're 40 to 50 years old do things that you are good at after 20 years of learning you should do something you're good at when you're 50 to 60 years old spend your time supporting young people when you are six over 60 years old spend time with your grandchildren that is normally a lot of people like that [Music] so when you are graduate when you just in the university don't think about i want to resign from the school and be another bill gates because bill gates left harvard there's only one bill gates in the world when you graduate find a company most important find a good boss that can clean you discipline you and tell you what is good and right it's more important than a good company of course a good company a good boss even better and then continue your life it's all about the partner so the thing i learned is that don't give up my opportunity has not come yet when everybody complain that is the opportunity if we want to be successful we should make a lot of mistakes and never give up a lot of people they make mistake their problem they give up we never give up [Music] you

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