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HOW TO LIVE IN PRESENT MOMENT | Buddha Answers | Buddha story |

It happened that [Music] This lineage Lord Buddha was giving sermon in the village He set Everyone should be tolerant and forgiving like Mother Earth Angry certificate in which one is angry villagers and saw him and everyone in the family was peaceful Happy Birthday Wish you all very Angry And All Things To Be Planning For Sometime He Start Thank You Are You Always Talk Nonsense Users Page Can You [Music] Do Not Matter Into This World And Even After Hearing I Have Tested Nine This Year After Singh Jhala Keeping Worked in That Work The Person Vikram Vikram and Angry Inspect on Buddhas Bandha Remake This Very Kamally with Rope and Looked a Man with Affection a Times Singh Jhala Keeping Com The Man Got More Furious and Left from Given Activated Persons Anger Subsidized Starter Burning In The Fire of Remorse for his Behavior and Resemblances Looking for Bujhala Path Quarter Final Buddha Because Buddha is Left with Us If Else to Another Village Near Find the Person as People About Bujhala Search Increase The Place Where Buddha Was Giving This Course Horn Singh Jhala Felt Species End set and return I am sorry please give me buta start over quantity what happened to you for your politicizing the answer is B for button me I am the bone voted you very badly yesterday I am the same person she Bigg Boss you have spent on Your face yesterday but now I am sent after behavior I have come to apologize for my wicket conduct Lord Buddha set lovingly my dear friend I love only in present is left yesterday near and your stock limit you have lost your mistake you have entered you have welcome pure Now You Have Entered Today By Remembering Her Things And Events For Present And Future Get Spoiled Her For Others For You Today Because Of Yesterday Listening To This Verse Of Gautam Buddha All The Button Update Person Was Taken Off He Remove Stanger And Take Quote For Vinas By Falling Under Fields Of Lord Buddha Buddha Play List A Good Place In Unreserved And From The Day I Was A Great Change Name In The Stream Of Truth Love And Compassion Start Following In This Life Way That This Feature Will See That A Great Secret Of Living Happily Lived His Head in Hindi Story Buddha Have Given Us the Teaching of Learning from If 5 Mistakes and Living in the Present Moment I Have Times They Get Set and Doing Services Again and Again Thinking About Some Mistakes Have Passed But Will Forget That No Matter How Many Times Vicky Thinking About The Past Science And Changes Parts Gone And They Will Never Come Back With Should Learn From If 5 Mistakes And After Reliving The Mistakes Vishnu Hair Loss Repeat Game Extension And Present With Hindu Ne Chahiye Is This Is Bed Time Stories Thanks For watching and keep smiling face that [music] do

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