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How Sadhguru’s One KILLER Speech that Absolutely blown us? | Kashi

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] It's a dive to start the world's most from gods of Retribution to Gods who are inclusive who include not only human beings but every creature this is what Yogeshwara means this is what vishwanath means that means everybody everything that is animate and inanimate is included nobody is for nobody is against this is what we need for the future of this world because whether you understand or you don't understand you understand this much the way humanity is empowered today if we are not inclusive we are heading for a serious disaster serious disaster we are already beginning to discuss uh when to start World War Three we're talking about it right now hello yes that's where we are because without a profound sense of inclusiveness within human beings this empowerment is going to be a serious disaster so it's great that at this time many of you from various nationalities are here please this is important this is not about promoting a particular philosophy or an ideology this is about seeing all life as one so this is vishwanath G2 this is Pashupatinath this is yoga or yogeshwara because it is all about Union and inclusiveness this has to become the future of the world otherwise there there will be a very bad future that's where we are Tashi means a tower of light so you don't come here to see and admire a tower of light you come here to Aspire to become a tower of life that's what it's about let's make it happen Thank You!

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