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[Music] once upon a time two buddhist monks were traveling through a forest to reach from one place to another one of them was a senior monk and another was a junior monk they were walking peacefully and with calm mind to reach their destination at one point they came across a river with a strong current of water to continue the journey they would need to swim through the river and cross to the other side as the two monks were preparing to cross the river they saw that a very young and a very beautiful woman was sitting at the bank of the river she did not know how to swim and requested the two monks to carry her on their back to the other side of the river buddhist monk take a war celibacy they are not supposed to even look at a woman the two monks glanced at each other because they had taken wow not to touch a woman they both thought for a moment the junior monk politely refused then without saying a word the older monk went ahead and picked up the woman on his back he carried her across the river placed her gently on the other side of the river and started walking to carry on his journey the younger monk could not believe what has just happened after rejoining his companion he was speechless without saying a word the junior monk was shocked at the behavior of his fellow monk he could not stop thinking about how his fellow monk had broken his vow by touching a woman they kept walking through the forest for an hour or so without a word between them two more hours passed than three finally the younger monk could not contain himself any longer and asked the senior monk can i ask you a question the senior monk said sure go ahead the junior monk said i have been thinking about what you did at the river the senior monk said what did i do the junior monk said you broke your wall to buddhism when you touched the woman while carrying her across the river and dropping her on the other side of the river he continued saying to senior monk as monks we are not permitted to even touch a woman how could you then carry that woman on your back for so long the senior monk laughed and said i dropped that woman on the bank of the river a long time ago however it seems that you are still carrying her around in your head this buddhist zen story has a simple and a beautiful message in it for us a message about living in the present moment how many times in our lives we are upset about things that has happened in the past we all go through experience of guilt regret anger frustration or any other negative emotion in our life we carry on those hurts and resentment in our mind but we forget that we cannot change the past no matter how long we carry on those thoughts in our mind it will only cause us grief and suffering like that junior monk on the other hand that senior monk carried the woman across the river then he dropped the woman and with it he also dropped all the emotional baggage of that event in the past and moved on to the next similarly we can also cure the suffering easily by choosing to let go of what has happened in the past and concentrate on the present moment this is words of wisdom stories thanks for watching [Music]

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