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How To Deal With Past Sexual Abuse? | Sadhguru

if something terrible happens to you you should never ever forget it because if you forget it you may walk into it again this is basically because we have not taught our children and the people in the world how to employ our faculties then everything hurts [Music] my next question to you sadhguru is when something bad happens to somebody and uh we know that it's always on their conscious like conscience they're thinking about it a lot of times but eventually there comes a point where they are ready to let it go they don't want to let that the past go because they feel guilty of letting it go so why does that happen and how do we let go of that guilt like even if we take for instance sexual abuse if a girl is sexually abused and eventually if she reaches a point where she is ready to overcome it but she feels guilty to let it go because it has troubled her for a very very long time and not just her the ones around her as well so is it right to let it go at that point or like how do how does one deal with a situation like this see i think the struggle is coming from a misunderstanding that something either unpleasant or terrible that one may encounter in one's life it can just happen to anybody in so many different ways if it happens people think they must forget it no you should never forget it if something terrible happens to you you should never ever forget it because if you forget it you may walk into it again but we must know the distinction between what is memory and what is living you are living memory is a dead memory you are supposed to use it as wisdom to see such things don't happen to you in your life but but it's a fact that for most people what happened 10 years ago they still suffer what may happen day after tomorrow they already suffer yes or no what happened 10 years ago or even 10 days ago does not exist right now does it does it no what may happen day after tomorrow does not exist right now does it no so you're suffering essentially something that does not exist how many of you are psychology students is there a medical term for those people who are suffering something that does not exist no no don't tell them please they'll suffer that if you are suffering something that does not exist on some level it means insanity isn't it this may sound very cruel to you right now when i say this because oh i got my pains see you're you're carrying your pains like badge don't do that when something bad happens to us when something hurts us we can either become wise or wounded this is a choice we have either we can become wise with it or we can become wounded with it as we already went through this life is just a certain amount of time it's ticking away as you sit here now you're one hour closer to the grave since you came here yes it is it's going away for all of us so in this where is the time to carry every experience like a wound no this must become your wisdom if terrible things happen to you you must become wiser than others sooner than others isn't it but unfortunately most people choose to become wounded simply because again in our systems of education we have done nothing about the nature of human mind we are busy studying frogs and cockroaches and trees and chemistry and physics and planets and everything no attention to the nature of this one so we don't know how to use our faculties the greatest faculties that you have right now as a human being is you have a vivid sense of memory everything that happened you can remember as if it's alive right now yes there is a repository here there's an archive in your mind which can replay the whole video if you want but this has become a problem you started suffering the old movies and there is a fantastic sense of imagination so you already suffer tomorrow which is yet to come this is basically because we have not taught our children and the people in the world how to employ our faculties how to use our memory how to use our imagination how to experience life right now how to sharpen the experience now your whole life is happening between these three dimensions memory present experience and imagination this is your life isn't it these are three dimensions we call them trikala three dimensions of time all your experience of life is happening here but if you lose distinction between what is past what is present what is future then everything hurts but not everybody terrible things have happened unfortunately for a few people they have happened but the rest of the people are simply suffering something isn't it because it's fashionable to suffer people think if they're suffering they're very intellectual they're very profound no it's just stupid because you're suffering something that doesn't exist you are not suffering what's happening right now you're suffering what happened yesterday and you're suffering something that may happen tomorrow already so this madness has been encouraged simply because we never train people how to use their faculties do you agree with me that this human machine that you carry and i carry this is the most sophisticated machine on the planet hello have you read the uses menu user's manual have you read no when i want to read it on the last day [Laughter] if you get a phone if you buy a phone should you read the user's manual in the first three days or after three years when you're discarding the phone earliest isn't it within the first day you must read then only you can use this phone well the same goes for this if you do not understand the nature of what this is how will you put this to use it is consuming you your own intelligence is consuming you you can call it stress anxiety pain suffering whatever essentially your intelligence is turned against you that's all the reality is if your intelligence was working for you taking instructions from you you would keep yourself blissed out wouldn't you hello your intelligence is turned against you why has your intelligence turned against you that's what you need to look at not about carrying these things that have happened which should not have happened as bad just in our life this may get a lot of women against me if i was against you i wouldn't be here yes [Music] you

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