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How to Create Heaven On Earth

deep within the realm of our psyche lies the intricate ballet of the conscious and subconscious Minds each wielding power and influence in distinctive ways the conscious mind often perceived as the captain of our ship thrives on creativity and Present Moment awareness yet paradoxically it's only active about 5% of the time it's the force that dreams wishes and aspires on the other side of the coin the subconscious is the vast sea where all our learned behaviors automatic responses and ingrained habits reside dictating a whopping 95% of our daily actions and reactions it operates silently making decisions based on stored programs many of which we unaware these programs aren't inherently nefarious they've been cultivated through our experiences especially during our formative years intended to help us navigate the world a profound Revelation emphasized over the ages is the claim of the Jesuits give me a child until it's seven and I will show you the man this Axiom underscores the significance of the first seven years a phase during which our brain primarily operates in theer state a state similar to hypnosis during this phase the young mind is like a sponge absorbing the behaviors beliefs and attitudes of those around it particularly primary caregivers understanding this sheds light on the idea that much of adulthood is essentially an enactment of these early learned programs recognizing this pivotal truth can be both daunting and empowering while it implies that many of our daily choices are automated it also signifies that there's a window of transformation available for once we recognize the program we can alter it stepping out of the Shadows of old subconscious programs feels like unraveling a mysterious Enigma picture yourself in a scene from The Matrix teetering on the edge deciding between the familiar blue pill and The Awakening red one choosing the latter doesn't just trans sport you into a cinematic realm it shifts the core of your reality urging you to challenge your deeply ingrained scripts take this women's Journey for instance walking the tight RPP of her career she often stumbled unable to pinpoint why peeling back layers of her psyche memories surfaced whispered conversations from her youth echoing sentiments like Rich folks can't be trusted and wealth doesn't guarantee happiness without without even realizing she had allowed these words to mold her subconscious steering her away from professional leaps determined to Pivot she embraced mindful reprogramming facing a challenge or an opportunity she'd pause questioning her instinctive reactions am I reacting out of growth or an ancient limiting conviction challenging her reflexes consistently she started crafting new neural Pathways venturing on such inter respective Expeditions requires understanding a key aspect we aren't attempting to annihilate our subconscious on the contrary we're sifting identifying the gems and discarding outdated beliefs nestled within our subconscious lie in valuable skills memories and habits propelling us through life however recognizing and overhauling the scripts that no longer serve us can be the bridge to a life teeming with authenticity reflect in on this intricate dance between the conscious and the subconscious Carl Yung astutely remarked until you make the unconscious conscious it will steer your life and you'll name it Destiny diving deep into the human psyche reveals that falling in love a phenomenon often relegated to the Realms of Romanticism possesses transformative power resembling The Awakening experienced when one opts for the red pill instead of navigating a computer generated world we plunge into a heightened state of mindfulness where the subconscious momentarily relinquishes its commanding role love in all its Splendor harnesses the ability to keep us Tethered to the present moment making us almost hyperaware of our surroundings and decisions in this state our conscious mind bursting with aspirations and desires takes the front seat steering our actions with Precision reckon the Myriad times we've felt the world transform overnight upon meeting a potential life partner the dreariness that once engulfed our days dissipates replaced by an exhilarating sensation an unadulterated Joy such rapid shifts underscore the powerful interplay between our conscious aspirations and subconscious programming however maintaining this state of heightened mindfulness akin to the Euphoria of a honeymoon phase proves challenging for most with the passage of time as daily realities creep in our conscious mind often preoccupied with tasks and future plans tends to drift during these intervals of mental wandering the subconscious brimming with old behaviors and patterns seizes control such shifts can surprise even alarm our partners unveiling sides of us they've never seen to sustain the transformative magic love Sparks it's pivotal to consciously rewrite our deep-seated programs Envision a mental framework where the same dreams that reside in the conscious mind are the automatic scripts of the subconscious achieving such alignment ensures that even when the Mind drifts The Guiding behaviors remain congruent with our aspirations keeping the flame of transformation a glow a closer look at human biology reveals that the composition of our blood like the culture medium in cellular studies profoundly influences our quality of life much like cells in a dish our body responds dynamically to the medium it's bathed in this medium however isn't just the physical blood but a potent cocktail of hormones emotions and perceptions each thought or emotion can subtly tweak the chemical m makeup of this internal milu leading to shifts in cellular behavior and overall health upon seeing a beloved face or immersing ourselves in an activity we're passionate about our brain releases a slew of life-enhancing chemicals these Elixir boost our Vitality health and joy in stark contrast when confronted with threats or disturbing memories our brain secretes stress hormones and agents that trigger inflammation navigating these oscillations effectively requires a keen understanding of how the conscious mind can shape our internal medium most individuals Harbor strikingly similar aspirations a life brimming with love happiness health and Tranquility if we all began to live more aligned with these desires we'd witness a global metamorphosis with Harmony and Community reigning Supreme yet these desires often remain just beyond reach obscured by layers of subconscious programming without conscious intervention these underlying scripts keep us anchored to Old patterns preventing the realization of our potential to break the cycle an architect a medium that consistently Fosters growth one must Venture into the realm of subconscious reprogramming by infusing our subconscious with the same desires that animate our conscious mind we initiate a self-sustaining Loop even during moments of distraction or stress our subcons

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