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How to Master Thinking From Your Higher Consciousness

the Divine operates with the purpose of creation before we continue I must mention that this video offers a higher spiritual perspective which may appear abstract and contrary to what you've learned however I urge you to be patient and open-minded as it can lead to experiencing profound inner Bliss Divine thinking transcends the notion of probability instead it envisions and brings into existence with absolute certainty it manifests both what we perceive as good and what we label as bad now you might wonder why is this understanding essential well in this life it's crucial to adopt a mindset akin to the divines rather than categorizing things as good or bad focus on what experiences you wish to encounter in the eyes of the Divine whatever captures its attention continues to materialize and unfold in this reality you are an integral part an individualized expression of the boundless divine thus when you deem something as negative or bad you inadvertently prompt your Divinity to bring forth more of it this is because the divine's thinking revolves solely around creation and experience devoid of idle thoughts or daydreaming consequently your predominant thoughts are taken literally by the Divine leading to their manifestation in your life for you to undergo so what steps can you take in response simplify your approach by considering things as either desirable or undesirable when faced with something undesirable refrain from labeling it as bad or unwanted and avoid condemning it instead shift your mental focus towards describing and contemplating the desirable state by doing so you align your thoughts with the desired outcome eventually turning it into your reality the settlemental shift between Divine thinking and human thinking carries a significant nuance human thinking tends to be aimless dwelling on pointless topics or fears most of the time however the Divinity within you takes these thoughts quite literally if you fixate on a particular subject for an extended period the Divine interprets it as your prevailing state of being and proceeds to manifest it into your reality this often leads to surprise and confusion when faced with recurring conflicts with your parents feeling used or struggling with financial problems the key lies in the way you think about these topics as observing them can Reveal Your underlying assumptions I encourage you to practice thinking precisely like the Divine remove the constraints of time from your life and let go of its limitations Divine thinking is Swift and decisive it manifests as soon as it is conceived without any delays the Crux of the matter is to embrace the idea of fulfillment in the present moment there is only the now everything exists in this moment your soul is a multi-dimensional being simultaneously experiencing infinite versions of yourself right now time applies only to your human self Not Your Divine Essence which is ever present and experiencing all aspects of existence at once Neville Goddard discussed the concept of the fourth dimensional self often referred to as the Inner Man this aspect of you exists in your imagination and can be present at any location and time Dr Joe dispenza also approaches this idea from a scientific perspective a explaining that all potential versions of yourself coexist in the quantum Realm the main point is that by transforming into more energy and less matter you can manipulate time as Albert Einstein told us once time is relative and its flow can change for objects approaching the speed of light in essence this reveals that time holds no sway over your divinity Your Divine self transcends time and space omnipresent experiencing every version of you simultaneously by eliminating the notion of time you can achieve fulfillment in the present moment you'll find that you possess everything you desire as your Divine self already holds it embracing these thinking patterns enhances your sense of bliss leading the limited 3D World to reflect exactly what you envision your reality shifts to align with your desires and aspirations remain largely unchanged because we tend to think in familiar patterns clinging to our past experiences with the limitations of the human mind this habitual thinking heavily relies on past data preventing us from experiencing drastic transformations however if we shift our perspective and think from our divine self the concept of time dissolves rendering past data meaningless the Divine operates solely in the present moment and when we dwell on the past we inadvertently recreate it in the now moreover recognizing the power of feeling in our thoughts unveils a crucial truth feelingly thinking of something is tantamount to creating it eliminating the constraint of time we can embrace the notion that our divine self already possesses and experiences our desires in some plane of existence by attuning to the energy of that existence or version of ourselves we can manifest our desires into the 3D reality as Neville Goddard once said assume the feeling of your wish fulfilled and observe the route that your attention follows our desires act as confirmations from the Divine realm that we can have what we seek however it is often our own resistance that blocks these manifestations from materializing ultimately our choices determine the experiences we attract and our divine self-responds to those choices accordingly when you fixate on what you don't want and resentfully label it as bad you inadvertently reinforce its presence therefore it's crucial to nurture a mindset akin to the divines increasingly focusing on what you truly desire to experience rather than categorizing things as good or bad dwelling on the concept of good and bad often leads to becoming consumed by the negative as the egoic Mind thrives on problems whereas the Divine mind is a creative force that brings forth manifestations it exists beyond the limitations of time and space omnipresent and your role is to harness this power to shape the experiences you desire shedding all other mental distractions the Divine doesn't dwell on possibilities or probabilities nor does it Ponder the pros and cons of things the evidence lies in the chaos prevalent in the world as if the Divine were to consider good and bad as religions describe it to be supremely merciful there would be no suffering the world would be a Utopia a Heavenly Realm however as the Divine has granted us the authority of Creation in our individual lives it is our human Minds with their inherent nature that breed chaos suffering and pain that's why I encourage you to adopt a mindset resembling that of the Divine doing so will bring Clarity and ease to your understanding revealing the truth that we become what we consistently think about thinking like the Divine aligns you with the pure and loving energy of the source liberating you from feelings of lack and filling you with profound Bliss by elevating our Consciousness and shedding lower level thinking we can

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