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my beloved child a beautiful Miracle is about to happen right in your home I can feel how much you're looking forward to it How Deeply your heart yearns for it I'm here to tell you keep your faith strong and don't give up this miracle is on its way fulfilling my promise to you it's going to bring so much joy and strength just wait for it nothing can stop it from reaching you I give you these holy words to calm your soul I speak straight to your heart offering promises that bring peace and heal your spirit truly I'm here to fill your life with calmness sometimes I send little Joys your way just to remind you of who your heavenly father is there are times when the truth calls for something deeper so I reach out gently touching your hair holding you close with real love to your heart I give powerful words that will comfort you I know you always need me because I listen to your prayers and feel the pain of your desperation I understand what you're going through you are my precious child I know all about your mistakes and I have forgiven you for them but one big mistake you make is trusting People Too Much everyone makes mistakes everyone can let you down some some people live in a makeb believe World thinking there are perfect always faithful and completely reliable people out there this is so far from the truth be careful of this mistake it's good to love it's beautiful to trust but don't put all your trust in people alone don't put your life or your future in their hands because none of them have done for you what I have died and come back to life for you so don't give your whole self to those who will inevitably fail you because they will end up hurting you remember my command love the Lord your God and serve him only with all your mind soul heart and strength this is the sign you've been looking for if you need more clarity just ask me give me your life your future your time and I'll make them grow filling your life with blessings and success your fear will vanish your sorrow will leave and you won't have to worry about what tomorrow brings I shall heed your prayers responding with Supernatural Miracles Beyond Comprehension such is the Tranquil existence reserved for those who wholeheartedly yield to me offering unwavering loyalty I your holy and omnipotent God the same who stands vigil over you each night as you Slumber ever Vigilant to protect and provide for your needs great and Splendid blessings await you encompassing your family in abundant provision yet be not disheartened for sometimes enduring and Lasting goodness arrives not as swiftly as anticipated all things unfold in their appointed time a season for prayer precedes a period of waiting culminating in a time for jubilant celebration the day is coming when the sun will shine brighter on you marking the start of the miracle you've been waiting for so feel the joy be merry and gather your strength and bravery because your adventure is far from over and many more wonders are yet to come your way you'll achieve great things one Victory after another reaching Heights you've never imagined remember this well there's no room for failure now and he passed to defeat fear or embarrassment is just setting the stage for your triumphs like a true hero remember you are a child of the Mighty God I have given you the power to speak life and to bring change use my gifts to encourage heal and instill hope in those who are lost in despair stand firm and brave for I am eager to shower you with blessings act wisely walking your path with humility my children aren't arrogant they avoid pointless arguments with those who don't understand they don't belittle or judge others but look at everyone with compassion this is how my glory is shown through those who are true and devoted in their hearts and so it shall be with you I shall perform Marvels and wonders within your family among distant relatives and amidst your friends however I seek your commitment and promise to utilize all the blessings prosperity and spiritual power I bestow upon you to Aid motivate and uplift those in physical and spiritual need discern whether you desire my blessings whether you are willing to receive them I shall not lead you down a path you are unwilling to tread I lead you on the road to success and abundance but I long for your commitment to love and reach out to me in prayer daily with all your heart talk to me declare it my God I am ready to embrace your blessings for the season of Triumph is here take my hand as you are fully deserving of joy and it is my deep wish to shower you with my gifts I will surround you with courage and honor raising you high above those who doubted you I will open the floodgates of Heaven to enrich you greatly in the this new chapter Embrace this message let it rejuvenate your spirit my Holy Spirit infuses your heart with life my strength eternally breaking away all your chains in times of trouble and exhaustion find shelter under my care there is no love in this world as pure and devoted as mine I don't seek your wealth nor am I impressed by lavish gestures I make no deals with those who think they can influence me with money I protect and cherish you simply because I love you and will always look after you I will forever be watchful mindful of everything that happens in your life it is my desire that you also acquire the ability to assist others to grow strong so that you may protect the vulnerable to be wise and prosperous enabling you to provide sustenance for those in need I urge urge you to take the leap of faith towards a spiritual realm where miraculous occurrences transpire may you lay your hands upon the infirm facilitating their healing this is my wish may you be free from Financial worries and find respectable ways to support yourself avoid getting into debt you don't need the extra stress don't let yourself be trapped by what you owe others when you come across someone in need lend a hand boldly use my words to liberate others from their shackles pray and ask for their release you know that when you help someone less fortunate I increase what you've given out of kindness help others willingly you might just be helping angels unaware testing your character and enlarging your blessings you're stepping into a new phase of Life filled with Divine interventions get ready to see wonders and use the power I've given you to face any challenge pray every day enter my presence and seek the wisdom you need dive into your Bible immerse yourself in the Proverbs and Psalms make a point to remember what you learn say these verses out loud as I etch them onto your heart I wish for you to feed on my words daily and gain fresh insights be inspired by the faithful lives of my followers watch for the signs of our times yet steer clear of arguing over my promises there's no need to dispute with others to show off your knowledge show your faith by the trust you place in me boldly reach out to help those in need with sincere kindn

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