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Have Faith That God Is Working | Inspirational & Motivational Video

no christian goes through this life without feeling weak in their faith at times but we all can take comfort in knowing that our god is emmanuel he is with us in every season whether it's good or bad we can go from feeling joyful and close to the lord in one season and then here comes a season where you feel like god is distant and all your prayers have gone unanswered i'm talking about seasons where we wrestle with our doubts and questions wondering if god even hears us or if he's still with us it's the type of season that tests your faith and your resilience and the thing about faith through different seasons is that you'll hear people talk about faith when things are good i knew things would turn around if i just had faith you'll hear people recommend faith when they're not sure what to say i'm sorry you're going through a rough time just have faith and when others seem unfazed by life's obstacles they might tell you it's because they have faith but what does that mean hebrews 11 verse 1 defines faith as the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen hebrews 11 verse 6 says and without faith it is impossible to please him for whoever would draw near to god must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who seek him faith causes us to act on what we haven't experienced yet it causes us to believe promises in the bible that haven't been fulfilled yet and faith causes us to trust god when our situations haven't changed yet consider this bible scenario take david in the story of how he killed goliath at the time david was a shepherd boy not a warrior but when he saw goliath mocking god's people david approached the king and asked to go down and fight just picture the babysitter next door or the kid who delivers your papers telling the president let me handle this one [Music] david's ability not to be shaken by goliath's size resulted from david's faith in god david tells the king in first samuel 17 37 the lord who delivered me from the paw of the lion and from the paw of the bear will deliver me from the hand of this philistine and saul said to david go and the lord be with you david had faith that god would defeat the giant and deliver his people what an amazing picture of what our lives can be when we have faith in god when we are right with god we never go into turmoil alone we have the creator of the universe on our side faith in god is what allows us to experience stability in the middle of instability when life feels out of control we take comfort in knowing that god is in control faith can do a lot of things in your life if you let it it will help you to grow up and wholly lean on rely on and trust in jesus christ one thing that you need to make a practice of is praying make it a habit to pray in the morning make it a habit to pray every evening make it a habit and a routine to pray often and to pray daily we sometimes take life for granted we take god's protection for granted but let me tell you that you are most vulnerable when you're comfortable the devil loves a comfortable christian and god calls a comfortable christian lukewarm and that's because you're neither hot nor cold you're neither here or there there's no urgency about you and there sure enough isn't any fire to your prayers however i want to emphasize the importance of prayer we need the lord to watch over us and to protect us the bible says in mark chapter 14 verse 38 watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak you see when you are comfortable and prayerless you are in your weakest state as a believer and friends let me tell you something when you are prayerless you are vulnerable to spiritual attacks you need to understand that the forces of darkness operate in darkness both spiritually and in the physical too the devil is cunning and he certainly doesn't play fair he will wait until you've let your guard down and you are dull in your spiritual senses because of a lack of prayer that's when he will attack but today i want to encourage you and remind you of the protection we have in jesus christ the devil may try whatever he wants but we are guarded by jesus christ we are shielded by jesus christ the blood of jesus christ has formed a perimeter around our homes the angel of the lord encamps at our residence when we call on the name of the father i encourage you not to fear whatever comes your way because jesus christ is a mighty protector he is a savior jesus christ will cover you and block the enemy so each and every day i encourage you to pray for the divine protection that comes only from the son of god it's the kind of protection that rebukes the enemy and exposes his plans it gives no power to spiritual attacks david a man after god's own heart said in psalm chapter 119 verse 62 at midnight i rise to praise you because of your righteous rules i encourage you to rise up at any time of day rise up and praise the lord thank him for all he has done thank him for all he is doing you

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