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A small charity that will make you rich forever. Buddha story of pomegranate

hua hai on do hua hai hua hai do ki one day Buddha rich interstate of Bhagat with species and decided to stay given that updates Android software state came to know that Buddha with species in the town distracted beating him to see him put started bring in different Kinds of Gifts for Buddha Buddha Was Sitting with Peoples People Were Coming to See Him and Giving Him Expensive Gifts Buddha Was Expecting a Gift to Be Distributed Among Others Where Great King Bimbisara Also Came to See Him Bujhala He Was the First Were Not Ready to Give Like Precious Jewels Gold Coin and Comment Box Quantity Officer Prince Ajatashatru Flirt with Gifts Battery Co Vain and She Was Sitting with Species and Accepted Because of and Operating on One Hand You Maritime Citizens and Merchants Also Came to Sea Both Are Very Expensive Gifts Buddha Ball Directly Victory Stuffing One Hand Making Nobles Merchants Presented Gift Booth Accepted A Small High Preaching One Hand of a Rollicking Jordan Giving and Offerings and Vault Rukh in Women Arrived There Was Hesitant to Come Back to Front and Side Something in Hands Behind the City Is Sitting Yesterday Motherboard THIS IS LIKE TANNING WHAT IS TRYING TO HIDE BEHIND YOUR HAND AND YOUTH AND MEDICAL LEAVE OVERNIGHT DON IS NOT FOR VISIT TO OURS TODAY IS POOR WOMAN AND HAVE NOTHING IS VISIT THIS MAGNET ANDROID RETURNS ONLY IF THEY HAVE NOTHING ELSE TO GIVE WAY TO LIVE LIFE In The Midwest Mileage I Hope You Will Accept This Because You Have Nothing To Give You Apart From That Buddha Stroked Text Effect Many Hands To Receive The Help Of Magnet Accepted With Respect And Use This Sector Plant Astonished Everyone Present A Small Things Even Fall To Find Out Per Deliver Related To Ask You To Both Of Taking Initiative Was Not Taking Its Approach To Was Next Respectful A My Lot Video Receiver Gift With Both Hands Hands Of Expensive Gift Only But Just A Of Aging One And Only From Death And At 200 Feet Gift Was Nothing in Comparison to Others What Was Placid in Her Gift Daru Stood Up and Share Gift Vibodh Doodh Buddha Replies Entry He Set My Different You and All by Rituals and Give Very Expensive Gifts in Date But Not Give One-Tenth of What You Have Any one of you give your motive was to lord and charity woman and in return they did not expect any intention for animals need for research in yoga and me hug gift noblest of all kinds of worship nor soup subscribe to understand and others but this free mode Of Questions The Waves In Your Life That Some Times People Twist Is Under More Money Back Urdu Or Charity A Forget Charity Is Not Depend On The Magnitude Of Urination Pati Depends On The Purity Of Your Intentions Do In This Verse Insure Thanks For Watching A [ Music] Do it [Music] to Ajay

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