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GOOD DEEDS ALWAYS COME BACK | Best act of kindness | Buddhist story |

foreign [Music] there was a king one day he called his servants and said whenever I say that's great then give one bag of gold coins to the one who my praise one day the king went for hunting with his soldiers he went into a forest and saw an old man planting a tree nearby his house in the forest the King was confused and thought this man looks very old he is planting a tree he must be knowing that he could not eat the fruits of this tree so why he's planting the king ordered his soldiers to call the old man to his Palace at the end of the day in the evening old man appeared before the king the king asked the old man how old are you the old man replied sir I am 81 years old then the king asked how many days it will take for the plant to Bear fruits that you planted today the old man thought for a while and replied your majesty the plant that I planted today will be your fruits in 10 to 12 years again the king questioned the old man how many years do you think you can live the old man replied your majesty no one can say how much he will live but according to my health today I think I can live for four to five more years then the king asked there is no way you can eat the fruit of the tree that you have planted today then why so much hard work in planting the tree at this age you need to take rest at a home the man said sir if you have noticed you must have seen that there were many fruit trees near my house which were planted by my grandfather when he was of my age had he also thought like this today me and my children would not get to eat the fruits of those trees someone else planted it yesterday and I got to eat the fruits of that tree today similarly if I planted tree today then tomorrow someone else will get to eat its rules that's why it is my duty to plant tree for others today one should not always think only of himself after listening to this answer from the old man the king became very happy and he spoke spontaneously that's great as soon as the Saron said this word from the King they brought a bag of gold coins and gave it to the old man the old man said sir the tree that I planted today will bear fruits after many years but I have got its fruit today in the form of these gold coins after listening to these words from the old man it came out of the king's mouth again spontaneously that's great that's great when the king servants again heard these words from the King mouth two times they again gave two bags full of gold coins two thousand man the old man took those three bags of gold coins and we went back home happily if we see in our lives then we will find that when we do any good deed and do not expect anything in return then one day you will definitely get its reward in the future for example if you plant a tree today then after few years when that tree will grow up other people will see it under its shade and eat its rules and then you will get your blessings Good Deeds can be done in a variety of ways you can feed poor people help our fans teach poor children help people with disabilities help the homeless plant a tree or you can feed the street dogs Good Deeds turn selflessly never go in vain when you do a good deed selflessly you will feel the happiness and satisfaction immediately in your heart the result of your selfless work will be more than your imagination therefore always remember that you have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you [Music]

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