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God Sees Everything You Are Fighting Against and Because Of Your Faith, He Will Answer

foreign Exodus 14 verse 14 the Lord will fight for you and you shall hold your peace what does that tell you it tells me that the battle is not yours this battle you face should be fought with hands raised in prayer because it's a battle that you are surrendering off to a higher authority raising your hands in Thanksgiving and praise is another key to victory in a battle ask Paul and Silas they'll tell you all about how raised hands in worship and praise can invoke the mighty power of God now the last fight you were in did you consider raising up your hands the fight you are currently in have you considered raising up your hands the fights you will face in the future will you consider raising up your hands when a man or woman of God raises up their hands in a battle in a spiritual battle you are surrendering the fight to the Lord the Devil comes to steal he's a thief the thief will only steal or attempt to steal where he sees value so this must tell you that if the Devil comes to steal from a believer then as Believers we have something precious we have something of value and I want to speak to you right now if you feel as though you've been robbed of something valuable by the enemy if he's coming to your home and robbed you of your peace then stand for it no more if the enemy has somehow managed to rob you of the Joy inside your heart stand for it no more you draw the line and reclaim what is meant for you the joy of the Lord is your strength don't let the enemy rob you of your joy of your strength you have to draw the line you see I don't think many of us really understand the significance of raising your hands in prayer raising your hands in surrender raising your hands in Praise too many of us don't understand how significant that is you don't take a spiritual swing at the Devil and hope to knock him out you kneel before God and he will crush the enemy before you when you kneel before God he will fight for you and when it comes to fighting when it comes to spiritual battles don't ever underestimate the role of Prayer don't ever underestimate the advantage that prayer gives you to be able to call on the authority that's in the name of Jesus that's a powerful advantage to us as believers to be able to use God's word in prayer that's an advantage to us at the name of Jesus Christ demons tremble when you call on the word of God it is living and Powerful it's sharper than a two-edged sword prayer is so very important to the Christian Life it's important to us it's important for us Jesus took time to teach his disciples how to pray he taught them what to pray for and when to pray equally I admire the willingness of the disciples to have asked to be taught how to pray you see they were around Jesus a lot they saw how often he withdrew from them to go and pray they saw how seriously Jesus Took prayer it wasn't a game when it came to prayer and I'm sure the disciples saw this in Jesus and this is why we too need to understand the power and importance of prayer it should be a desire for each of us to become prayer warriors and as prayer warriors we are to soak everything we love and everything we're associated with in prayer think of prayer like an umbrella when you're fighting those spiritual storms the umbrella of prayer will cover us it will cover our families and loved ones even through life's battles through life's highs and lows through the struggles and hardships through the mountains and valleys everything that we go through should be done in prayer it all should be covered by prayer you see going to church reading the Bible doing good deeds are necessary for Christian Living but only through the discipline of prayer can we overcome Temptations and struggles only when we become a prayer Warrior can we defeat this unseen enemy that is lurking in the dark trying to deceive us only through prayer can we experience God's power and might only then can we experience what it's like to live under the protection of God almighty and it's only by this discipline that we can maintain our course and not lose focus on the commands of our King and Lord Jesus Christ Jesus Christ did not die on a cross all for you to be timid and robbed of all Hope and Faith by the devil be bold speak and Proclaim that no weapon that is formed against me shall succeed speak God's word and declare that surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life declared that the Lord is my shepherd and I shall not want in other words I will not lack [Music] what do you do when you get into a fight and I'm not talking about a physical fight but the kind of fight that Daniel got into when he prayed for 21 days I'm talking about the kind of fight that Jesus found himself in when he was fasting for 40 days and 40 nights those are real fights and if you've ever been involved in a fight at any point in your life a fight for your job a physical fight a fight for your relationship you know that you have to dig deep and when it comes to our Christian lives one thing that we need to realize is that every day from the time we wake up to the time that we sleep we are in a fight we are involved in a conflict there is a struggle between good and evil and that struggle is a spiritual battle and it goes on every day as we grow older and become more mature Christians we are called to be equipped with the weapons that God has given us we are called to put on the whole armor of God and the question I want to ask you is have you answered that call have you answered the call to put on the whole armor of God have you answered the call to pray without ceasing have you answered the call to pray always when I look at all the pieces of the full armor of God in Ephesians chapter 6 I see that you need the belt of Truth you need the breastplate of righteousness you need the gospel of peace The Shield of Faith the helmet of salvation and the sword of the spirit but if you don't remember all of these individual pieces I urge you to remember Jesus if you don't remember the belt of truth remember Jesus if you don't remember the breastplate of righteousness remember Jesus if you don't remember the gospel of peace remember Jesus because he is the Prince of Peace

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